Rocket router

My son’s graduation is fast approaching.  This means that two important things have to happen.  First and foremost, since we are expecting to entertain guests in our back yard we need to make sure we have enough places for people to sit.  Second we have to make sure all of our guests are given the impression that we lead neater and cleaner lives than we really do.  Getting the sitting thing taken care is my department.  My lovely wife will turn into a tyrannical house cleaning machine during the last 72 hours before our guests arrive.

After the tornado last year I learned a valuable lesson on the topic of yard furniture.  Do not buy lawn furniture that relies on fabric as the only place to rest your ass.  Hail stones the size of lemons go right through fabric.  I could have purchased some Kevlar cloth to repair our chair, but I would have made a rocket or vest out of it.

One thing that I am kind of known for is erring on the substantial side when it comes to building, well anything.  I tend to over engineer anything that I build from scratch.  So when it came time to make something for our guest’s asses I went a little over board.  I take guest’s asses seriously.  I also like to personalize my construction projects.  I had an idea on how to cut a drawing into some benches I was building, this had the added bonus of requiring a new tool.  All the better, so it was off to Lowes for a router.  Oh the joy.

Here is a photo of the two benches.



            I just couldn’t resist putting a rocket on my new bench.


            I routed in a flower (Daisy) for my wife, two rockets would have been just silly.


Here is my fire-pit area with both benches.


Now that I have a new router, the projects are almost endless….



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2 thoughts on “Rocket router

  1. S. Le says:

    Nice work! Cool benches. Your own design? Your son and his friends should enjoy that fire pit. The rocket on your bench is brilliant and very fitting. I didn’t know you were so artistic!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, the benches are my own design. They are specifically made to hold the weight of some of my larger friends. When three of them are on one bench the load could be close to 800 lbs! That’s ok, I made it so the load is only 17.6664 lbs per sq in on the ground (including the weight of the bench). Yea, what a geek!

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