While driving to work this morning I listened to an interesting radio commentary on NPR. 


First I have to say that NPR was not my first choice.  I tried some AM stations but got this irritating 60 hz buzz.  Then I switched to FM and searched the dial for something intelligent, but found nothing but schlock disk jockeys playing mindless games in between oldies that seem to play in an endless loop.  Why is it that the only stations that come in really clear are either religious, Spanish, stupid, or NPR.  I did get a few country stations, but no news or talk, just twang and croon. 

Back to the interesting commentary, it was entitled Green Acres is the place to be, by Dr. Mark Ringel.  Here is the link if you wish to listen to this program.  Basically the theme of his commentary was that studies in Sweden have shown that people who live in an urban environment have larger incidence rates of mental disorders than people who live in a rural community.  This seemed perfectly obvious to me, crowds and city life make me crazy too.


One of his key points is that this trend does not reflect immigration status, education, availability of mental health professionals, or other key indicators, just population density. 


This got me to thinking; maybe, just maybe I am not the only one that goes a bit loopy when packed into too small a place with too many people. 


Another thing that Mark Ringel points out is the need for nationalized healthcare as a method of providing much better data and more clear statistics here in America.


Hmmm, national healthcare is big on the Democrat agenda.


Then the connection was made.


The more densely populated the area the more likely that people vote for Democrats.  Hmmm, that explains a lot.


It is kind of getting crowded around here, maybe it’s time to move to Wyoming.




I may do crazy things for fun, but at least I am sane about it!

BTW, feel free to stop by instead of just flying over.

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6 thoughts on “Crazyblue

  1. planetross says:

    They should do a study of people who live really really far away from cities: I’m sure people who live in extremely isolated areas probably catch a bit of mental illness as well.
    … I know I would.

  2. Mike says:

    Brilliant! I’m linking to this one.

  3. I would expect the curve of crazy would have a spike at the lonely end. -pf

  4. Mike:
    As Yoda would say:
    Honored I am.

  5. Burrowowl says:

    Minor point: it’s the Democratic party, not the Democrat party. Dunno why people buy into that childishness.

    Otherwise, well put.

  6. Here via The Big Stick. :) I’m curious, when you say

    One of his key points is that this trend does not reflect immigration status, education, availability of mental health professionals, or other key indicators, just population density.

    does that mean he didn’t control for immigration status, education, health care availability, etc., so any of those things might be more strongly correlated? Or does it mean that he did control for those things and population was a better indicator? I read your sentence several times and keep alternating between which interpretation I think is correct.

    I’m at work now and can’t listen to the audio myself… I wish I could!

    Upon re-reading my own post I can see how this would be confusing. I should have worded it better. From what I understood, immigration status, education, health care availability, and other factors didn’t have any bearing on the trend. In other words, highly educated people in the city had a higher incidence of mental problems than highly educated people in rural areas. You would think that the ease of access to mental health professionals would be a factor, however apparently there is less of a need in rural areas than in a densely populated city.

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