Powerless Car-eating Ditches



Well we didn’t get as much snow as was anticipated.  However, Mother Nature made up for her lack of volume by mixing some rain into the mix before snowing.  Then she tossed in a bit o freezing wind to make things exciting.

            I was anticipating going into work to help remove snow from sidewalks.  Instead I went in due to a massive power outage.  Something happened that relates to cars, power lines, and ice that caused the campus along with about 10,000 people in the Greeley area to lose power.  But that’s not why I had to come in.  It was the power that was restored to us that caused all the excitement.  Apparently it wasn’t exactly clean and in a short time (pardon the pun), we blew two out of three main breakers.  Yep, the ones on the power pole, that only the energy company can reset.


            The call to the electric company went like this…


Me: “Hello, Electric Company?  We don’t have any power here at the college.”

Electric Company: “We are working on that, about ten thousand other people have the same problem.”

Me: “Well I can see the problem, the main breakers are tripped out on the power pole, we have power, two phases shy of a full load (if you know what I mean).  When can you get a line truck out to re-set them?”

Electric company: “I don’t have an estimate at this time”

Me: “What does that exactly mean?”

Electric Company: “We don’t know when”

Me: “Just a second, I…”

Electric Company: “Click”


So, back home I went to wait for the power to come back on.  I hopefully before the toilets freeze solid.  Our plumber really hates trudburgs.


Somehow while I was at work something miraculous happened.  The wind blew the snow over the roads in exactly the right places to suck hapless cars into the gaping maw of our hungry ditches.  I missed my estimate from yesterday.  There were no SUVs in the ditch today.  However it was made up for the fact that in a four mile stretch of road I saw five cars in the ditch.  Oh and two people carrying bicycles rather than riding them. 


Its 8pm and I haven’t heard if the power is back on yet.  Could be a long night.




3 thoughts on “Powerless Car-eating Ditches

  1. planetross says:

    Sorry to hear about the no power situation.
    5 cars in a 4 mile stretch! That’s pretty impressive.

  2. Burrowowl says:

    How did you fare on the “no emergency flashers” part of your prediction? If Coloradans are anything like Californians, I’m guessing it was 0/5.

  3. Yep, o-5 on the emergency flashers.
    I also noticed that the one and only snow plow I witnessed actually working didn’t have any lights on.

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