Earth 59 min 59 sec



Apparently a lot of human beings are going to be participating in earth hour tonight.  From some news sources the goal is for over a billion people to unplug themselves from human achievement.  I view this as a celebration of technological privation, a way for people to assuage their guilt for being human beings. 


This used to be called camping.


Tonight we have a new way to save the planet; we can act without accomplishing anything.  This is called raising awareness.  It can also be called raising anxiety, or feeding public guilt. 


Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is quite healthy for people to do what they can as individuals to lessen feelings of anxiety.  Bury a potato on a full moon, hug a tree, wear an onion on your belt, recycle, go to confession, fast, do whatever you like.


Just don’t ask me to join your club.


I am planning on sitting by my fire pit, drink a beer or three, and create charcoal to use in making my own gunpowder.  But then again this is what I was planning on doing before I heard of Earth hour.


What are you planning on doing to celebrate?


Hug a tree?

Wear an onion on your belt?

Howl at the moon?

Watch TV to see how many people turn off their lights?


I just hope that by tomorrow everyone feels better.





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6 thoughts on “Earth 59 min 59 sec

  1. Archvillain says:

    And the Luddites creep ever so minutely closer to their goal.

    I fail to see why extinguishing the lights we as a civilization have worked hard to create is worthy of celebration. It seems to me to be yet another in a long line of feel-fgood projects which accomplish little or nothing. As an engineer, I have nothing but contempt for wasted effort.

    Therefore, I believe that I will go out and start both of my cars, and let ’em run for an hour while I sit on the curb smoking a cigar and drinking a beer. Call it a counter-protest, if you like.

  2. planetross says:

    I didn’t even hear about “Earth Hour”! This has caused me great anxiety. hee hee!

    I remember a guy who organized making an “Earth Sandwich” a few years ago. He put one piece of bread on the ground and someone on the other side of the world did the same.
    I thought that was amazingly stupid. I wish I had thought of it.

  3. Burrowowl says:

    This whole Earth Hour business sounds awfully insensitive and exclusionary. What about Mars or Jupiter? Don’t they deserve special attention as well?

    The Earth Sandwich is totally awesome, btw. Just found the video online.

  4. I really, REALLY didn’t “get” this one. Earth Hour? What’s the point of that?

    “Oh! You mean we’re using up our planet at a rapacious and wasteful rate? Well, I’ll switch off the tv for an hour. That’ll help!”

    Gimme a break! How about, oh… I don’t know… Drive less in a smaller car. Fix things rather than pitch them what they break. Eat ostrich rather than factory produced beef. Hang out your laundry rather than use the dryer and switch off the AC and open a window. Just a few thoughts that might make make do some actual good rather than this silliness.

    Personally, I watched a movie on my laptop during E.H. But hey! I was running on the battery, so I wasn’t using any power, right? :-P

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. S. Le says:

    I also missed it entirely. They should have posted adverts in all the media about it! Perhaps that would have used too many precious resources, yeah?

    We spent Saturday night chatting and playing a board game with family we were visiting. We had all the lights on though so I suppose we didn’t help out the cause as much as we might have had we known. We could have played the game by candle light I suppose.

  6. Spudgun says:

    Wait? What happened??

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