summer, bring it on.

In my little part of the world the best snow storms come in the early spring.  Today was no exception.  You would think after living in Northern Colorado for a decade I would come to expect this weather, but it always seems to surprise me. 


Last weekend my wife and I went to the grasslands to pick up trash, look for rockets, and shop for “free” yard decorations, see previous article.  We wore jeans and rocket club t-shirts, it was warm and sunny.  In fact my lovely wife got a sun burn from wearing a low cut collar, it made me remember that tan lines are sexy.  We came home and worked in the yard, and put together a new patio set to replace the one that was destroyed in the tornado last May.  The new one is made out of solid iron and is guaranteed to with stand serious hail stones.  We even tried it out that evening and had a spring picnic of Brats, beer, and macaroni salad.


This is what our nice new patio set looked like this morning shortly before noon today.




No; I didn’t go to work today.  I had to take my son over to get his wisdom reduced.  Wisdom teeth removed that is.  He is still way wiser than I am, well smarter at any rate.


Another reason I didn’t drive in was that I do not want to risk my little HPM ending up in a ditch.  Here is what it looks like in front of my house. 


So far I have shoveled the sidewalk three times today. 


Well, it has finally come to the point of the year where I officially and honestly wish for summer to begin.  It took me this long to get over the hatred of mosquitoes, sweating without exertion, and the constant fear of some air conditioning emergency at work.


Ok, summer, bring it on. 

Any time now, bring on the bugs, bring on the lawn mower. 

Make my day.


3 thoughts on “summer, bring it on.

  1. S. Le says:

    Amazing! Good to live in Ohio I suppose where we have had rain and sun and moderate temps. Sorry to rub it in!

  2. planetross says:

    We are debating Spring over here: sunny warm days and awakening to snow in the morning.
    It doesn’t stay on the ground long, but it’s just a reminder that winter doesn’t finish with a date on the calendar.

  3. So far we’ve been lucky. It’s gotten cold a couple of times but no blizzard. That’s never off the table when you live on an island in the north Atlantic, though.

    The only good thing about spring snow storms is that the evidence is gone quickly. At least you got your picnic in before the white stuff descended!

    -Turkish Prawn

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