As a follow up to my last post I have decided to do a product review. 


Thirty years ago when I young and poor I bought my first firearm.  I bought it from an ad in the paper with money I earned from my first job.  If I remember right I paid $45.00 and bought it much the way you would buy a car tire, fish tank, or a lawn mower.  No back ground check, no ID check, just a simple handshake and an exchange of cash.  The rifle I bought was a cheapo .22 caliber rim-fire semi auto rifle with fixed iron sights and a 10 round magazine. 


Times have changed.  Back in the late 70s I was looking for an affordable (cheap) little pinker, something that I could take out in the field and shoot without draining my wallet.  I chose a .22 rifle because it was the best I could do at the time.  Now that I am older, and have more money to spend on toys I can choose just about any gun I want, within reason.  I have a small collection of guns that I have purchased over the years, each one I bought with a specific purpose in mind.


First I have to say something about safety.  I sold my first rifle just before joining the USAF in 83.  I figured that it would be too much a burden to have my parents look after it, and didn’t want the prospect of having to come up with a home for it during each move.  Then I got married, started a family and didn’t feel comfortable keeping firearms around the house until my children were old enough.  I have always had a fascination and respect for firearms and was glad when my children were old enough for me to start collecting and shooting again.  One of my first purchases was a gun safe.  Then I made sure that both my boys were fully versed on the operation and safe handling of firearms.


So I decided to buy another gun last month.  I have been looking online for a few months and found myself asking some fundamental questions.  What do I need it for?  Hey, it’s a toy, let’s be honest.  What I want is obviously will weigh more heavily than need.    So what do I want?  I found that my most enjoyable times shooting are when I am not worried running out of ammo, the recoil and noise are manageable, and the size of the gun is not a hindrance for transportation.  I also have an attraction to the odd and unusual.  So there was only one gun for me.


The Ruger Charger.


It’s kind of an enigma when it comes to firearms.  It’s a pistol, but not concealable in any practical way.  It’s not a rifle, with only a 10″ barrel and no shoulder stock, but it comes with a bipod for bench shooting.  It is basically a pistol version of Ruger’s famous 10/22 semi auto rifle.


According to California it is an Assault rifle.  This is because it is a pistol with a magazine located ahead of the trigger.  Also the magazine is capable of holding more than ten rounds.  Oh the horror.  I don’t like reloading so I bought a few high capacity magazines from Butler Creek (25 rounds each) and so far they have work flawlessly.  It only took an hour for the background check so I was out of the store in short order.  Something I hear can’t be done in California any more, not that it matters anyway.  I was in no hurry.


  Being the geek that I am I had to build a table as a bench-rest a few days before, stained and finished it and waited for a day when Elvis could play.  So Elvis and I went out to the prairie a few weekends ago to give the little gun a work out. I brought out a box of 550 rounds of Federal ammo ($23.00) from the Eaton Ace hardware store, and took out a red dot sight that I bought a long time ago for another gun that it didn’t fit properly. 


I also bought a package of targets to sight in the red dot scope, and a garden gnome.  The gnome was due for summery execution because of a serious failure to perform his duty, namely keeping the cats from crapping in the vegetable garden.  Yes this is a capital crime.  Elvis brought out marshmallow peeps as targets.  Not sure what he has against marshmallow peeps, but they do make excellent targets. 


I was quite impressed with the Charger.  It is way more accurate than I am.  Once dialed in, I was able to easily hit aluminum cans at 75 yards and marshmallow peeps at 40. 


The garden gnome (he wouldn’t divulge his name) met a swift and painless end.  The Charger didn’t jam once, no malfunctions what-so-ever.  The only thing that was a bit frustrating was the bolt hold open is a bit difficult for my hands to operate.  And there is no automatic bolt hold open feature after the last shot.  But other than that it is a fine gun and a lot of fun to shoot.


It brought all kinds of memories of my times at the pit back to the surface.  There is nothing like the good old .22 rim fire semi auto to plink around with.   I highly recommend the Ruger Charger, but it’s not your normal firearm.  It is made for plinking, not big game hunting, home defense, or conceal carry.  It does what it was made for exceedingly well.  Shooting targets at a respectable range, accurately, without breaking the bank.




6 thoughts on “Charger

  1. Not my kind of fire arm, but hey, it’s not mine, right? Glad you’re enjoying it! If I was near by, I’d be happy to go with you guys and make some noise in the desert too. There’s nothing like taking out a new fire arm and seeing what it can do.

    I just picked up a new old rifle that I’m hoping to get out soon. It’s a Gew88 made in 1892 and looks in great shape. We’ll see how she shoots. No where near as nice as the Ruger, I bet but it’s still going to be a hoot.

    Oh. And loud. Really, really loud!


  2. Mike says:

    My first gun was a Marlin Model 60 .22 I believe it is still the highest selling .22 on the market. Mine has taken more squirrels than I can count. It goes into the woods with me every august and still shoots like a dream. Every kid should have a .22 at some point. Even big kids. Have fun with yours.

  3. I love old bolt action rifles. My buddy Elvis has a pair of Mosen Nagants in 7.62×54. It kills your shoulder and ears, but fun to shoot. I have a Swedish Mouser that shoots 6.5×55. The recoil is much more manageable, but way more expensive to feed than an old Russian Nagant. I can buy 500 rounds of .22 for the price of 20 Mouser bullets!


  4. S. Le says:

    Sorry. Didn’t actually read this. Out of my element. Have a great day!

  5. planetross says:

    In my lifetime I’ve only fired a 22 out on the Prairies in Manitoba, but I have to say that your enthusiasm and descriptions of your adventures makes me … want to come out and do a little target practice.

  6. Ross, next time your in the states look me up.
    I promise to show you a good time….
    Bang, Bang, Boom, wooosh!

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