I am not a fan of organized (commercialized) sports.  This will come as no surprise to people who know me personally.  I honestly did not know that today was Super Bowl Sunday until Elvis reminded me of the fact.  Last week I was asking Elvis if he would like to go out plinking on Sunday afternoon.  His response was predictable.   I did, however, watch the half time show. 


As you can guess my perception of the half time show differs from, let’s say, normal people.  Most people, I believe, see the half time show as a bonus intermission to the main event.  I see it as a main event that is interrupted at times with useless sports trivia and irrelevant statistical analysis. I also appreciate things differently than most people. 


Did anyone else notice the impeccable timing of the fireworks during the Bruce Springsteen performance? Comets are some of my favorite fireworks.  The artful deployment of Comets in groups or in waves is not as easy as it looks.  I really respect and appreciate the artistry behind this effect when well done, and the pyros did a fabulous job.  I imagine a group of pyros behind the scenes high fiving each other after the finally.  They probably had to really hoof it to clean up the guns and put away the cables while the crowd was ushered off to the stands.  I also bet that during the rest of the game they were loading up trucks with equipment. 


Also I had to laugh at one part of the concert when Bruce does the great run across the stage, goes down on his knees, and slides right into the camera.  I imagine the camera crew in the camera crew locker room getting a pep talk from the camera crew coach.


Coach “Well done out there boys.  Remember to get into the action and not to ever flinch or pan away from the violence no mater what the risk.  Take Camera man #86 what’s his name?


Camera man #86 “Johnson sir” He says while holding an ice pack to his black eye.


Coach “Yea, Jenson just stood there when the Bosses slid his crotch right into the lens, and did you see him flinch, no!  Don’t be afraid to take one for the team! Now get out there and get some close-ups!”


“Go team!”



Oh well, half time is over. 

It’s time to do something constructive with my time.




4 thoughts on “Unfan

  1. Dad says:

    I have to admit that I watched the Super game. It is the only game I watch for the entire season and it was a doozy! However, I was thinking of Dale and his pyro cronies while I watched the halftime show. It was one of the best orchestrated halftimes in history! Springsteen was great as was his whole staff. For the first time the sound was broadcast perfectly and the whole thing went off as planned,,, perfectly. Viva Pyros! Viva Springsteen! Now at last the golf season can begin.

  2. Burrowowl says:

    Superbowl Sunday is a great day to be working in a call center. Nice and mellow.

  3. planetross says:

    It was on at 8am in the morning here, so I gave it a miss.
    But watching it now on youtube, I have to admit those were pretty well timed fireworks.
    … and the Boss wasn’t too bad either.

  4. HA! I had the same thing happen to me. I went over to a friends house on Saturday to visit and was greeted with, “Where are you watching the game?” Without a second thought, I said, “What game?” You can imagine the look I got. I had no idea (and still don’t) who was even playing.

    I just can’t get into professional sport. I find it absurd that grown men are paid ridiculous piles of cash to play with balls on TV. I have never understood this, which makes it hard to connect with 95% of the male species while in a locker room environment.

    I was free to go plinking!!! Ask me next time!

    -Turkish Prawn

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