Slushy clean

This morning I found a new way to wash my windshield.  Yesterday while driving home my little HPM managed to pick up all sorts of nasty suspended salts from the damp and nearly frozen pavement.  By the time I got home the windshield was nearly opaque with freeze dried road crap.  Naturally once I got home I had no interest in cleaning the windshield.  Why? I am home and don’t need to go anywhere for a long, long time, hours and hours at least. 


While getting ready to leave for work this morning, I found that the windshield was so dirty that I could barely see out of it.  I was shocked.  So naturally I went inside and got out the Windex out of the garage.  Spraying nearly freezing Windex, in a now balmy 20 degree morning, onto an arguably colder windshield wasn’t such a grand idea.  Apparently this is how snow is made.  I honestly believe that when the Windex left the bottle as a fine mist it contacted the air and transformed into a new material.  Windex Foamy Slush™.   So once this goo is stuck to the glass I felt obligated to wipe it around for a bit.  It transform again from slush to a solid layer of slippery blue/white ice.  So the next step in this process is to get the blue/white ice off the windshield so I can get my but to work, its getting late and I have this blog to write.  Maybe some work to do as well.  Out comes the ice scraper.  Yes, I scraped the Windex Foamy Slush™ off my windshield.  I couldn’t believe the results, crystal clear perfectly clean glass. 


I swear my windshield has never been so clean. 



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One thought on “Slushy clean

  1. S. Le says:

    Brilliant new product idea! It could go viral like ORANGE GLO®!

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