Next stop D.C…

On Wednesday this week I went home early from work, grabbed my little camcorder and headed to 11th street.  The Windsor High School marching band (Pride of Windsor) was to put on a show for the entire town in appreciation for all their support.  It was also the last chance they got to practice in full uniform before their trip to D.C. Saturday morning. 


A huge amount of people turned out from the local community.  And the media was there to interview, film, and generally stick cameras into the kid’s faces while they marched.




9 news, Fox 31, and channel 7 had their vans parked, beaming live video to their respective stations.


I was one of many proud parents armed with a video camera capturing the event.



I will be seeing my son and the entire WHS band off Saturday morning at six to wish them well. 


Go Wizards!


One thought on “Next stop D.C…

  1. planetross says:

    Woo Hoo! OFF to the BIG SHOW!!
    I wish them a safe and fantastic trip!!
    I’ll keep an eye out for them on TV.

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