Holiday Sanpshots

I managed to get back home after a wonderful week in sunny (it rained just about every day) California. 

I was thinking of giving a rundown on my Christmas vacation, but then I thought better of it.  Most everyone I know who reads this were either there or are not  interested, (I don’t blame you)

I tried to take a photo of some things that I found interesting.  So here are a few snapshots from my little cell phone over the last two weeks.



I snaped this photo while we were driving to get supplies for our trip to California.


Here is what my back yard looked like the day we left for California.



Here is what my parents back yard looked like when we arived.


While staying at my parent’s house we ate like kings.  My Mom is a wonderful cook and we took full advantage of her hospitality.  However, we did go out every so often for a meal of two.  While eating breakfast at a fancy coffee house across town I needed to use the restroom.  I walked up to the door and a rather attractive woman came out.  I double checked the door and found that it was indeed the men’s room so I went inside and locked the door.  The restroom was immaculate, located in a classy business establishment, and in a good neighborhood.  There wasn’t even any graffiti except one single three letter work scratched into the toilet seat.  Apparently someone had issues with the honorable California Highway Patrol.



Above you will notice what at first looks like a hippo yawning in a pool of water.  However after a few days I started to see something different.  I see a nun standing in water with her hands behind her back.  Don’t know why.  Soon I showed others what I was seeing and now they see it too.  All week I was hypnotized by that damn photo.



I made out pretty well in the gift department.  I got a wonderful painting (Drawing) from my parents, a numbered and signed print from Loodles.  More on that later, for now, here is a photo of some wonderfully thoughtful gifts I received from my lovely wife, and my not so lovely sons.  Yes it is a zombie plush doll.  Yes it pulls apart into disgusting sections and holds a brain, (road snack). 


For some reason I found this amusing.  This was taken at a truck stop in Wyoming.  First, it was about 12 degrees outside; second they were charging a buck for ice when Ice was free all around us; third there were locks on the doors to prevent people from steeling ice.  Go figure.

Sorry, this was kind of a lame post; I will do better next year. 

I promise.




One thought on “Holiday Sanpshots

  1. S. Le says:

    I liked this post. It isn’t at all lame. Well, at least not entirely!

    In America, a Bimbo is a woman who doesn’t have much in the brain department, but has a lot to offer in all the other departments.

    They sell ICE all over America, and we buy it.

    Happy New Year!

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