Albino-fro Tiki Torch



            Well here is Oscar after a little bit-o-snow.


Apparently it is really difficult to predict the weather in Northern Colorado.  Our less than accurate but enthusiastic meteorologists predicted that we would get a “dusting” of light snow and temps in the low 30s.  I believe that their prediction was incorrect, so does Oscar. 


            On Tuesday my parents took an extended layover in Denver on their way home to California from Thanksgiving in Florida.  In Florida, they had turkey in my Grandmothers patio the temps were reported to be in the 70s, a typical November in Florida.  When they reached Colorado they were lulled into a false sense of security by an unusually warm afternoon.  Temps were in the 50s, the sky was crystal clear and the wind while strong was at least warm. 


            Then they got to experience a typical December in Colorado.    The weather person on the news said that the temps would drop on Wednesday and we may see some flurries in the morning.  Big deal; “may see some flurries” is like a “chance of rain” it usually doesn’t amount to much.  Wednesday was chilly, temps in the 20s all day and it started to snow just a little, flurries but nothing serious.  The weather forecasters kept adjusting their predictions as the weather got worse.  They became more like sports casters, predicting the past more and more accurately.  By Thursday morning, Oscar and Felix were more dependable at forecasting the weather than the news. 


            Thursday morning it was time to take my Mom and Dad to DIA.  Oscar developed an impressive albino-fro and matched the predictions on the news.  Yes there would be snow and yes it would be cold.  The temperature was 16 when we left for the airport.   We listened to the news in the car and when we left we had 5″ of snow and expecting an inch or two more later that day.  An hour later we had 6″ of snow and were expecting three or four more.  We turned off the radio.


            On the way to the air port we were playing car games.  These were similar to games we played as a kid during a boring cross country car ride, like looking for a red car, or trying to find a Hawaii license plate. This game was more advanced; we were counting the cars in the ditch between home and DIA.  It is especially difficult with white cars or SUVs that make it over an embankment; you have to follow the tire tracks.  It’s hard as the snow fills them in quickly.  We spotted 21 cars in the ditch over the first 25 miles. 


            I think my parents had a nice time; they got to re-connect with their grandchildren, my wife and I and our cats.  They also got to experience Colorado weather at its finest.  The snow was/is really beautiful it has the sparkles mixed in, like flakes of mylar mixed in white confetti.


            For Christmas we are driving to their house in California.  I am looking forward to soaking in their hot tub and being with family and friends where I grew up.  I do not think that Oscar or Felix will be as an effective weather predicting tool in California.




4 thoughts on “Albino-fro Tiki Torch

  1. Tony says:

    Oscar or is it Felix, they all look the same to me, darn Kiwi’s, really has a good afro developing there. Boy it sure looks cold, we’re entering into summer here. I prefer cold, it’s better than being too hot, I don’t handle hot werather very well.

  2. Layman Pong says:

    Oscar says “That’s a sno-fro, foo’,” and from now on he wants to be called Chill-e-O.

  3. Personally, I like the “Weather Rock” concept.

    If rock is wet, it is raining.
    If rock is green, it’s humid
    If rock is white, it is snowing.
    If rock is dry, the weather is fair.
    If rock is warm, the sun is out.
    If rock is not visible, it’s foggy.

    I tend to take a neutral position on weather. I have stuff to do and I can’t stop it doing what ever it’s going to do, so… meh. I’ll cope.

    Love the Tiki-fro, too, but what I REALLY liked was the addition of nose-fro!

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. planetross says:

    Great photo!
    Snow is just fancy rain.

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