Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Many people have different traditions and over time those traditions evolve depending upon circumstances.  Last year we went to Florida for Thanksgiving dinner with my grandmother and all my relatives on my Fathers side.  When we lived in California we would sometimes have dinner with my wife’s family, other times with my Moms family.


Since moving to Colorado we have pretty much used Thanksgiving as a holiday season opening decorating day capped off with a small but traditional dinner.  We have Ham or Turkey but it’s just the four of us so the meal is small and usually with out a lot of preparation. Thank you HoneyBaked Ham store. The majority of the day is spent decorating the house and yard for the Christmas holiday. 


So I spend the next hour or so in the storage shed.  This is where we store the boxes and boxes of holiday cheer.  Naturally I have to remove every box to get at the ones I need which are naturally at the bottom. Boxes labeled “Halloween Decoration” are on top of the boxes labeled “Tax records” and “old stuff”.  Once the shed is completely empty and all the big green boxes are littered around the back yard I bring in the ones labeled “Christmas decorations / inside not tree” and “Christmas lights and cords”


My job is to decorate the front yard with lights.  My lovely wife’s job is transforming our normally sedate, and a little odd living room into a holiday wonderland odd and wonderful nutcrackers, wreaths, bows, bells, and glass snow balls.  I am grateful for her expertise at decorating; with out her passion for the holidays there would be little difference in decorations from one holiday to another. 


My idea of interior decoration is limited to changing coffee cups hanging over the sink and maybe putting up an American flag up the back yard pole.  Anyway here is the transformation.


We went from this:


To this:


Oh and the other wall, previously home of photographs has now been taken over by Nut Crackers. 



Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that everyone that has a tradition enjoys it, and any one with out a tradition finds away to start one.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  1. planetross says:

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
    It’s just a regular day over here. Actually, Canada’s Thanksgiving was last month. It was just a regular day over here too.
    I miss turkey. (sad face)

  2. Burrowowl says:

    I always have fun putting up my Christmas decorations, though my family has no set timing for it. One of the advantages of having divorced parents was that I got to dress up two or more trees every year (I almost always got to help with my Nana’s). We’re still settling on a Thanksgiving tradition; I need to find a diplomatic way to avoid my mother-in-law’s culinary experiments…

    And merry upcoming Christmas and joyous Kwanzaa to you, and may you always be able to find somebody else to shovel your snow for you.

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