Sunset with Oscar.

I took a break the other night.

Normally my evenings are busy with Studying for school, studying for work, studying for teaching, reading for pleasure, cleaning up something, or fixing something. I was well on my way to following my normal pattern, when my lovely wife called on her way home from work. She wanted me to look outside, the sunset was amazing. So I went out to the back yard with my camera and snapped this photo. While taking some photos it seemed that there was an invisible pull keeping me out there.


The fire pit was pulling me into its warming embrace (well if I would light it, it would); there was a lonely pair of Samuel Adams ale sitting in the garage fridge. The air was cool and calm and my Tiki torch was crying out to be lit.


So I took part of the evening off pinched a beer from the fridge and sat out back by the fire pit and watched the stars come out.


I think it is important for some perspective to take some time to smell the smoke and drink a beer. To put my feet up and feel the souls of my shoes melt a little, was a guilty pleasure but not completely unearned. I work hard sometimes. I sat there and watched my cats slowly come out from the safety of our house to explore in the night. It was nice to let my mind float around a bit and not think of all the things that needed to be done. There are, after all, other m things to think about, like Tiki names.

While day dreaming (evening dreaming) It occurred to me that I didn’t have a name for my Tiki torch. At the time this seemed important, beer and fire will do that.

I decided on Oscar. It seems fitting at the time, and he didn’t argue.

After a bit I decided that it was time to come inside and get back to work.

I put a lid on the fire and went into the garage. As I passed my BBQ it occurred to me that I have two Tiki torches and I have only named one. I decided on Felix with out a thought.

I will save the other beer for another evening.

Good night Felix.

Good night Oscar


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3 thoughts on “Sunset with Oscar.

  1. Sounds like a worthy project to me. It’s far too cold, fire pit r no, to be sitting out this evening in Maine. If I had been there, I would have helped you with that other beer. I’m a god friend like that.

    -Turkish Prawn

    You’re always welcome to drop by, pinch a beer from the fridge, sit down by the fire and make yourself comfortable. Standing invitation.


  2. razzbuffnik says:

    It’s always a good thing to take some time to kick back and assuage the inner primitive by burning something, be it a torch or food.

    My wife and I often sit out in the backyard and light up the chimenea. Very pleasant and satisfying.

    We used to have a chimenea but it broke from being over heated. Elvis tossed in too much left over solid rocket propellant, it was a spectacular failure. Since then I rely on a heavy iron fire pit.

  3. planetross says:

    Your Tiki torches’ names sound like an “Odd Couple”!
    I don’t have Tiki torches, but I have matches. I think from now on I will call them all “Eddy”.

    We used to have a bunch of gold fish in our pond. My son, who is a Monty Python fan, named them all “Eric”.
    “Eric the fish, Eric the other fish” And so on…

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