Surreal mobile


Every day I take the same route to work.  My little hippy prairie mobile seems to know the way to work; I hardly have to pay any attention.  There are only five traffic lights over my ten mile commute and four of them are with in the last half mile. This makes any decisions I have to make confined to the end of my journey, when I am awake enough to handle it. 


One of the nice things about living in Colorado is the weather.  We actually have seasons, unlike my previous home in California.  During the transition between seasons the weather becomes lively, then back to a status quo.  Lately the weather has been showing signs of the magical transition from cool and calm to f&*#ing cold and windy. 


At 5:30am my drive to work in the morning is usually quite boring; more so by the calm and dark than listening to NPR.  This morning I found that sometime last night winter arrived. Well, maybe just stopping by for a visit before moving in. There was about a half an inch of fresh snow on the grass, the roads were wet but not slippery.  It was the wind and the chill in the air that made the drive interesting, and the music.
It was in the low twenties this morning and the wind was fierce.   I do not know how fast, but I was at one point being passed (On the left) by snow dusted tumble weeds.  NPR was more obnoxious than usual and relatively news free, so I decided that I needed something that better reflected my mood.


So close your eyes and imagine my drive this morning. 


Driving down country roads in a 69 VW bus listening to the white album, on my right are miles of seven foot tall, dried up corn stalks bent over from the wind.  On my left is the Vestas windmill blade factory.  A light snow spreads curtains of fog across the road.  A half dozen tumble weeds pass me while I am listening “Rocky raccoon”.  When I run into my first red light “why don’t we do it in the road” starts right when the light turns green.  I pull into work just as “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey” begins to play.  I thought of Capt Danger and how he hasn’t flown in a long time.


I unlock the door and turn off the alarm.  To get to my office I go through the facilities break room.  I stop to make some pumpkin spice coffee, and have a song stuck in my brain. 


Now Rocky Raccoon he fell back in his room
Only to find Gideon’s bible
A Gideon checked out and he left it no doubt
To help with good Rocky’s revival.


I look around and there are about a half dozen little green bibles that the Gideon’s left for the college. 


 They are littered around the break room along with some trade journals and a Cabelas catalog.


So begins my Friday.





For any of you who may have wondered here is what my office looks like:






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7 thoughts on “Surreal mobile

  1. Archvillain says:


    You need a more ergonomic chair.

    I can actually see the surface of your desk.

    Honestly, what kind of bureaucrat ARE you, anyway?


  2. planetross says:

    The White Album has a little bit of everything for everybody … except for the monkey that has something to hide.
    Snow!!! burrrrrrr
    It will be another month to 2 months before I see any of that around here … hopefully.

  3. Bureaucrat?
    Them thar is fightn words!
    That there is a desk of a geek not a bureaucrat!
    Didn’t you see the PDA? the Rocket Scientist coffee mug? The Configuration manual and instalation disks? The flash drive?
    A bureaucrat would not know what to do with such items!


  4. jimsmuse says:

    What a great description of your journey this morning! There is something about getting into an old VW (I had a 72 Beetle) that opens your mind to interesting experiences, isn’t there? My current VW is way too new to have that vibe, but I admit that I like the power steering!

  5. Power steering? I am lucky to have power windshield wipers!

  6. S. Le says:

    I closed my eyes but then I couldn’t read your post. Your office is surprisingly neat. I would like to have either your vehicle or Ross’. Not sure which is cooler.

    I write like I talk. Asking people to read with your eyes closed didn’t seem strange until you brought it up. (Sheepish grin) It reminds me of the voice mail system at work that says that I have five unread voice messages. How can I read them over the phone?

    Oh well, read it first then close your eyes.


  7. Are you sharing your office with the monkey? I notice two phones, two computers, two mugs…

    You and Ross live in inhumane conditions. By choice. I bet the monkey isn’t too happy about this.

    The monkey may be on my back but I don’t share my office with him. One coffee mug is for coffee the other is a candy bowl. Only one of the two phones are connected, the other simply hasn’t been tossed out yet. It was replaced due to a faulty light, I never knew if I had voice mail waiting to be read, which was cool with me but not my boss. Actually I have two computers and a palm top. My laptop is docked, my other computer is a client machine connected to my control server located in another building. I know, what a geek.
    Inhuman conditions?
    I Don’t think so, and the monkey isn’t human.

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