Holodecking around


            I have always loved Star Trek.  The series and movies have their good points and bad points, but taken as a whole the Star Trek universe has more depth and life than any other fictional futuristic universe.  That said, it still doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of the characters and situations behind this enterprise.  Pun intended. 


            Can you imagine the problems that had to be addressed when the first holodeck went into use?  I bet it was a boon to psychotherapists; patients could confront their fears in a safe environment.  Can you imagine how liberating it would be to address a bully at school and practice comeback lines on a holographic image?  Or work on your fear of heights?  Or depths, or widths or whatever? 


However, it could be that an unhealthy and obsessive use of the holodeck may create more problems that it solves.  I am sure that in the time between the original series and the next generation a first generation holodeck was installed on the old enterprise.


Examples of a ships councilors’ professional log…


Ensign Thomas came in today to discuss his over use of the ships holodeck.  It seems that his obsession with some character named Jessica Rabbit has gotten out of hand.  His cartoon character fetish is becoming an issue on duty. He has repeatedly attacked anyone named Roger and wishes to change his name to Maroon.  I recommend placing a cartoon character filter on all Holodeck programs until further notice.


The Captain seems to be spending an exorbitant amount of time in the holodeck researching the effect of tribbles on Klingon women.  While exceptional leeway is always given to the captain, the crew is beginning to complain about the excessive noise and having to clean up sticky tribble fur


Mr. Spock has been displaying disturbing behaviors after exiting the holodeck.  His normal meditations and long walks have been replaced with violent simulated battles and wild orgies.  Upon further research this behavior appears normal for his race; however, what has caused concern is the use of Nazi uniforms and gangster like slang during duty.  Hopefully once his “Season” is over his behavior will return to normal.


Mr. Scott seems to have an overt fascination to mechanical objects.  While this is a virtue for any ambitious officer that is interested in a career in engineering, it can become a dangerous obsession.  His visits to the holodeck have increased tremendously since his discovery of old earth Anime books including Henti comics, and he has started to described himself as a mechasexual.  This obsession at first seemed confined to the holodeck, however, I have received disturbing reports about messes found in the Jefferies tubes and in confined areas of the dilithium crystal chamber.



Would a therapist use the holodeck as a treatment for the holodeck addicted?

Or maybe there would be a holographic therapist that would automatically intervene it some fantasy got out of hand.  That would be a great episode to watch.

I do not think that the world of Star Trek has been explored nearly enough.


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4 thoughts on “Holodecking around

  1. S. Le says:

    These are interesting ideas for new episodes of Star Trek. Sadly, these are also good examples of why the don’t use unsolicited scripts for the show.

  2. S. Le says:

    that is “they” not “the.”

  3. I am so glad you spoke up. I can now put to rest my pursuit of a career of Star Trek episode writer. Oh how foolish I was.

    Everyone loves a critic.


  4. planetross says:

    I always thought the food replicators were tremendously underused. I’d be doing some creative ordering if I had one of those.
    I’d probably get reprimanded a lot for using my phaser to stun friends at parties too!

    Expellant point about phasers.
    I would not be surprised at all if some teenagers got a hold a phaser and set it on extremely low power, narrow beam to use as a drug. I can imagine these kids listening to some music and shooting up in the arboretum. Bzzzzz “hey, man my elbow just went numb” “Haha dude, I was aiming at your funny bone! Hahaha”

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