20 answers

Here are the answers to the 20 somewhat true but sometimes BS little known facts about the flounder.  I think it’s funny that everyone thought that 12 and 13 were bullshit.  It’s also funny that everyone thought #8 was not BS.  I guess if something is strange enough it must be true.  I should have exploited this idea.

  1. I can juggle four balls at a time. [BS] (I am working on this, I can juggle three balls and do tricks etc…, but four balls seem to be much more difficult.)
  2. I am the same height and weight as Michael Jordan. [True]
  3. My first girl friend was over six foot tall [BS] (my first girl friend was only about 5′ tall, I learned that this was a mistake and never dated short women again)
  4. I once saw DEVO in concert. [BS] (I did have tickets and was going to go but stayed with a sick girlfriend instead, I later regretted that decision, same short chick)
  5. When I was a child I had a stuffed dog shaped foot stool that I named Barf. [True]
  6. I have a collection of Star Wars Burger King Glasses from 1980. [BS] (However, I believe that Kingslya does have this set)
  7. I got straight A’s in grade school then got D’s in Middle school and High School once I “discovered” Girls. [BS] (This was just a bit of a stretch.  I got Bs and Cs in grade school and Cs and Ds in High school and I don’t blame girls)
  8. I once jumped off a gay mans roof into a swimming pool in the nude to impress a girl. [True] (long story)
  9. The minister at my wedding switched vows between my wife and I at the last minute and with out our knowledge.  I had to say a much more religious version that I wanted or ruin the wedding. [True]
  10. I once met Larry Niven and he signed my first edition copy of Ring World. [True]
  11. My shortest career was as a chimney sweep, it lasted only a week. [BS] (This is partially true, I did work as a chimney sweep but my shortest career was as a dishwasher at a bakery, it lasted only one.)
  12. In middle school I had a 3′ pet iguana named Guacamole. [True]
  13. When I was living in England I owned an English springer spaniel named Binkley. [True] (It was the dog from hell, we had to give it away to a farmer because the dog was so hyper it destroyed my back yard, trashed the house, and made me a cat person for life)
  14. I once spent Halloween night in Sigonella, Italy with a bunch of Seabees. [True]
  15. I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in Air Force Basic Training. [True] (Nov16 – Jan 3rd 1983)
  16. When I was in High School I worked at Radio Shack and was paid, under the table, with electronic parts. [True]
  17. I have an irrational fear of high places and won’t go above the fifth floor of any building. [BS] (I have no problem with heights or open spaces, its crowds that give me the willies.)
  18. My little sister is a six foot two inch blond and works at Macys. [BS] (I have no sisters)
  19. I caught a foul ball while watching a Giants game in San Francisco. [BS] (I went to a Giants game in San Francisco, but didn’t catch anything but a cold.)
  20. I learned to program in Basic, Pascal, Fortran, and machine code in high school in 1976. [BS] (This is a trick question to catch my friends that should know better.  I did learn these programming languages in high school, but not until 1980 and I still got a C- in the class)




3 thoughts on “20 answers

  1. jimsmuse says:

    Surprise, surprise! Even though my B.S. Detector was working at 70%, you did get me with the “true” answers that I thought were B.S.

    Well done! (And please, let me know when you get the prize I sent you — though it wouldn’t surprise me if someone from the postal service identified it despite the bubble wrap and took it for him or herself!)

  2. planetross says:

    Rats! I missed the big guessing contest!

    Snooze you loose.


  3. jimsmuse says:

    planetross, it’s merely a sign that you’re obviously the next one who should play this game on your blog!

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