Halloween used to be my favorite holiday.  I have become a curmudgeon of sorts in regards to some holidays, particularly Halloween. I blame it on my kids.  It was great when they were little, but they grow up fast and loose interest.  The first sign of this was when they wanted the candy but were embarrassed to be in costume.  They would reluctantly trick or treat to glom candy while towering over the little kids.  Then as they got older they would go to parties and leave my wife and I alone to pass out candy to ungrateful brats.  I am sure that in a few years my children will have little kids, (Grateful little angles) and I will once again find fun in Halloween.  Until then I will be satisfied with  carving pumpkins and decorating the yard in an effort to scare the crap out of little kids.  There is always some joy in the holidays.


Over the years we have tried our best to come up with odd or unusual jack-o-lanterns.  In 2006 I was inspired by my trip to Balls.  On the Playa there were a group of rocket geeks that thought it would be a hoot to burn propellant scraps in a jack-o-lantern.  Here is what it looked like:


In the morning the Jack-o-lantern was remarkably intact, but still really creepy.

So then next Halloween we went a little crazy with the ol pumpkins…


This year we decided to keep it simple. 

It was my lovely wife who though up the idea of combining zombies with jack to create a disturbing little display that is some what reminiscent of the movie The Thing….



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5 thoughts on “Zombie-o-lantern

  1. jimsmuse says:

    Do zombie pumpkins eat brains like regular zombies? Or do they just eat pumpkin seeds and that scary orange goop? I suspect I’ll be pondering this thought all day…

    Completely awesome pix, pf!

  2. Thats the point. Pumpkin seeds are a jack-o-lanterns brains! So the people who eat pumpkin seeds are the zombies!

  3. Tony says:

    Wow Awesome Jack-o-lantern display. I am amazed the pumpkin stayed in one piece. Musta been a hard headed mongrel…..

  4. How did you add the blogroll to your site? I like it.

  5. Mmmm! You just reminded me that I still have a bowl of pumpkin brains in the fridge from my carving last night! Looks like I need to get out the salt and seasonings and warm up the oven.

    Mmmm. Toasted brain-seeds!

    Awesome job on the zombie. What’s it made out of?

    -Turkish Prawn

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