HPM answers and Astropam

Ok, I have given enough time to chime in.  Here are the answers to where everything is hidden.  Well, poorly photographed and hidden.






Flat Pam is currently working on intensive astronaut training with Captain Danger.  I hope she is strong willed as I am too busy to provide proper supervision.  I would hate to find out that they were monkeying around when they should be working on preparing themselves for the riggers of space travel.  Well not space per say, but travel never the less. 


I am trying to talk Captain Danger into allowing Pam to fly in his high tech capsule.  Captain Danger can be so sensitive at times, he is really possessive of his capsule and it is only made for one monkey to operate.  However, I am trying to convince him that Flat Pam is, well, rather two dimensional and wouldn’t take up much room.  A lot depends on how they get along during training. 



More to come




One thought on “HPM answers and Astropam

  1. Tony says:

    I hope Flat Pam has a softer landing then Flat Tony did!!!!
    Good luck Pam you’ll need it….

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