When I was in High School I didn’t participate. The one time I participated in anything resembling a school function was senior breakfast.  We were bussed to Sam’s Town in Cameron Park, for breakfast, so we played video games.  Later Sam’s town was torn down in favor of a ‘Food for Less’ complex. 


In retrospect I find that I don’t have many good memories of High School, but on the other hand I didn’t feel any let down upon graduation.  It was simply a transition from goofing off in school, to goofing off at another school.  The main difference is that the second school wasn’t going to allow me to get a C for showing up. 


So twenty five years later I get to enjoy High School through my son’s experiences.  Combine this with the fact that we are fortunate enough to live in an area of Colorado where we have all the connivances of modern life combined with the old world charm of farm and ranch life.  We live in a kind of urban redneck cultural grey area.  My son is in the marching band and my lovely wife and I are heavily involved as Band booster parents, so we get to go to all the football games, band competitions, and march-a-thons.


This last weekend was Homecoming.  The theme was Batman.  The effect was, well, interesting.  It had a wizard of Oz meets Gotham city, or scare crow vs. Mothra kind of feel to it.  The parade was especially gratifying….


Some of the kids did a great job creating this wonderful Giant Joker.


I also think that every marching band needs a Joker, and he preformed admirably during the homecoming game. 


Being that this is Colorado the game was interrupted for a half an hour due to a risk of lightning striking the audience.  Aluminum bleachers, who thought that one through?  Not only do they suck the heat right out of your ass, but they are natural lightning rods.  So the game was delayed for a half an hour while a thousand or so spectators milled around the school and their cars in the parking lot. 


The game ended as every home coming game should end, with an outlandish stomping of the visiting team.  I don’t remember the score exactly, because I left when the lightning started and didn’t come back.  The final score was thirty something to eight. 


Looking back to my days in High School, try as I might I can’t remember anything about the marching band, foot ball games, or how our school stacked up against any other school.  The memories I have are about the characters I hung out with, and some cool teachers.  I have since lost track of the teachers; however, I am still in touch with most of my high school friends.   Yes they are all characters. 


I hope my son keeps in touch with his friends; he will defiantly have more fond experiences to remember. 



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One thought on “Homecoming

  1. planetross says:

    I liked high school, although I don’t really remember learning too much. I kind of just breezed through: I though I got good marks, but looking at actual transcripts I guess I didn’t.
    I remember the parking lot across the road, friends, and weekend parties more than anything.
    The basketball team was pretty good, but most sports were community based not school based, except basketball. No community basketball team. (go figure)
    I always find it interesting when it comes to the “city” vs “school team” systems.
    No great insights: I just find it interesting to compare the two.

    Aluminum bleachers probably weren’t the best idea.

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