Adams Head

I took a political test and found myself on Adam Sandler’s head.


It’s easy, take the test and find out whose face your white dot covers.



Of course the test is intended to place a person into a political or ideological box.   Maybe a box is too harsh and confining.  I don’t believe that people are that easy to define, well some people, but not all people.

This shows me to be located just about exactly where I expected.  Question; is my placement on the chart due to how I answered the questions on the test or did I answer the questions on the test because of where I wanted to be on the chart? 


I tend to over think my answers on tests like these. (Duh) For example:

It should be legal for two consenting adults to challenge each other to a duel and fight a Death Match. (Strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)

Is this a question of freedom of speech? Then of course consenting adults can challenge each other to what ever they want.

Is this a question of legality?  If a duel were to occur would the victor be charged with dueling in addition to murder? 

Or is this an indictment of questionable entertainment like boxing, wrestling, or cadge fighting?

Is this a question of how extreme am I willing to go in the name of freedom?

Is there currently a law against this? 

If it were consenting then would a life insurance company consider it suicide and not pay?

Am I over thinking the question?


Then there is the placement of the photos on the chart.  I think that it would be easy to place fictional characters like Darth Vader but how did they get test results from Ted, Ted, or MLK?

I find it interesting that Mr. Obama has been chosen to occupy the Socialist spot just below MLKand toGorbachev’s left.  Is Mr. McCain  to the left of Bush, or is Bush on the right hand of McCain?  Its all in how you say it.

Do these kind of tests tell more about the test writer or the test taker?


Lastly, that’s Adam Sandler doing on a political test?

I will have to look into this, this is by far the most important question.


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11 thoughts on “Adams Head

  1. Archvillain says:

    You’re reading way too much into those questions.

    Adam Sandler is pictured in the results you posted because you clicked on “Famous People” to see where you rated compared to famous people. There are apparently enough people who consider Adam Sandler to be famous that his picture was included.

    Like all attempts at gathering statistics, how the questions are worded and how the answers are weighted reveal only the bias of the questioner- hence Senator Obama’s presence in the far lower right of the chart.

    I have taken these sorts of quizzes before, and the results have varied all over the chart- based on the biases of the person who created it. I have been rated as everything from an Anarchist to a Nazi, with a wide spectrum in between. In this particulr quiz, my dot just covers Sandler’s left eye and part of the top of his head. This supposedly means that I am a libertarian. I refer you to my recent post on this topic for my opinion on this sort of classification.

  2. Burrowowl says:

    What’s Darth Vader doing on that chart? We have no idea what the Dark Lord of the Sith thinks about state-sponsored monopolies, privacy, foreign policy, taxes, or just about anything other than his stance on the Rebel Alliance and religious freedom (I find your lack of faith disturbing). The placement of Mike Huckabee (who is pretty moderate aside from religious wedge issues) and Obama on the far extremes of that composite picture is a dead giveaway that the person who put it together may well be a crack addict.

  3. What is Darth Vader’s stance on foreign policy?

    Darth Vader: “You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!”

    Darth Vader: “Make ready to land our troops beyond their energy field, and deploy the fleet, so that nothing gets off the system.”

    Shock and Awe indeed!


  4. Burrowowl says:

    The matter with the Rebel Alliance was a cut-and-dry case of a home-grown radical terrorist faction that needed to be put down. The Empire had no foreign relations to speak of, as it ran the whole galaxy and there was no indication shown in the films of any exterior government for it to have dealings with.

  5. I guess your right; the empire would have about the same amount of foreign polity as the Borg. However, like many evil empires I am sure they had a relationship with some criminal elements. The empire did do business with bounty hunters. The Hut Empire was allegedly huge in the outer rim territories. I wonder if they were considered a crime family or a political Empire. I am sure that the answer to this question lies here:
    If I didn’t have more pressing things to do I would seriously look into it.

  6. planetross says:

    My white dot was between Hillary and Obama! I am not a woman or a presidential candidate: this test must be wrong!

    Archvillain: Why are you picking on Adam Sandler? The only one I recognize is Ted Nugent and really …. Cat Scratch Fever has had its day.

    note: I had to google all the other faces.

  7. Archvillain says:

    planetross: Why are you picking on Adam Sandler?

    Aside from the fact that he is the only face on that graph who is not involved in politics, Sandler is a so-called comedian who has never (in my opinion) been funny. Ever.

    Therefore, he deserves every milligram of opprobrium heaped upon him.

  8. Archvillain: take another look at the pictures on the graph. Ted Nugent, Ted Kaczynski, Donald trump, etc…
    BTW I have to disagree, Adam Sandler was funny once.
    Just once.

  9. Dad says:

    Look at it this way. It builds character! Pun intended (viewing your latest blog) I took the test and ended up just slightly lower on Sandlers face than you did. Not sure what that means.

  10. Archvillain says:

    PF: Kaczinski was a wholly political animal. He maimed and killed people with letter bombs to further his political agenda. In other words, a terrorist.

    Nugent routinely holds forth on political topics, mainly catering to the far-right crowd. He is far more into politics than other forms of entertainment these days.

    I seem to have missed Trump- probably selective myopia. He belongs in a discussion of politics just as much as Sandler does- not at all.

    I’ll have to take your word on Sandler having once been funny. I am profoundly unwilling to spend a few weeks puking- which perusing every execrable part in his career in search of one potentially funny moment would undoubtedly cause.

  11. Spudgun says:

    Holy Crap! Im on Hillary’s ear ring… That test is rigged!
    My gun toting, dope smoking sensibilities are offended!

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