Whiner light

The whiner-birds were out in force.  Flocking whiner-birds.  This is a transitional time of year for heating and air guys. It’s time of the year that heating systems need to be on to warm things up in the morning then switch to cooling in the afternoon. There is a term in the heating and cooling business called the dead band.  Please no “Greatful” jokes…  Buildings like people have seasonal temperature expectations. When its 90 outside 74 degrees is quite cool and comfortable inside. Likewise when its 34 degrees outside 68 degrees inside is nice and toasty. The dead band is the comfort zone between “Im, dripping sweat, light headed, and its too hot to work” and “I have to keep a space heater on or I will freeze to death”.  The technical term for this is comfort zone, because its the range where very little active cooling or heating needs to take place. I call it the dead band because I am not going to get off my dead ass to change the temperature if its within the comfort zone. I have learned from experience that if I change it today, tomorrow I will be changing it back.  

Often, temperatures and indivisual comfort gets confusing in an office environment.  People need a guide.

This gave me an idea for an invention.
A temperature controlled display for offices. No not a thermometer, that leaves things up to interpretation. Some people are too cold at the same temp that others are too hot. The Whiner-bird office wonk can’t be trusted to read a complicated scale of actual numbers. I was thinking of something simple. Maybe something like a stop light, except with different colors. Green would be in the middle to represent the right temperature. Red on top representing uncomfortably warm and Blue on the bottom. Maybe in addition to colors I could have some one line statements…

Too Hot to work, (leave now or the air itself may burst into flames)
Just right, if you call maintenance you will be beaten with a hard salami.
Too cold to work, (leave now before ice flows cover the exits)


Just an idea.

Maybe just to make things interesting I will make the Green flash on and off if it gets close to being out of range. I can just imagine how this would work… When the green light starts flashing the whiner-birds would have their fingers poised over the button on their phone dedicated to a special speed dial number. My cell phone, the one that only rings ten minutes after I start driving home.


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2 thoughts on “Whiner light

  1. Last winter I had to tell my mostly female office co-workers they had two choices: turn the friggin’ heat down or I was taking off my pants.

    Remarkably the temp in our office has been pretty tolerable since.

  2. Why can’t that happen the other way around?
    Woman:”If you don’t turn up the heat I am taking my skirt off”!


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