I guess I haven’t been paying any attention to the back yard.  I mow the grass about once a week, but I haven’t really looked around to see what is going on.  My lovely wife, of course, has been busy weeding, watering, and picking vegetables.  I went out to the back yard on Friday to make some charcoal in the fire pit.  I first had to bail a few gallons of water out of it; I guess it’s been a while since I had a fire. It was then that I noticed our sunflowers have really gotten out of hand. 


A few years ago we planted some sunflowers to make a plant fence to shield us from the back neighbor’s blinding security lights.  This worked wonderfully for about three months then fall arrived and they drooped and were consumed by birds.  Since then we have never had to plant a sunflower, the birds do it for us.  My wife simply walks around and plucks out what she doesn’t want to grow.  This year the result is a nice privacy fence around the fire pit. 


In the photo you will see my charcoal making bucket.  It’s simply a paint can with holes poked through the bottom to allow the wood to off gas while restricting the oxygen.  This works wonderfully.  One gallon of wood will make me about 300 grams of charcoal, also known as Carbon.

So when I make charcoal and get some on the ground, you can literally see my carbon footprint.


Next process is to make charcoal out of the sunflower stalks that grow around the fire pit. Recycling… When it comes to charcoal, black is the new green.




2 thoughts on “Surrounded

  1. Burrowowl says:

    Oh noes, you’re making CO2!

  2. To be clear…. I am emitting c02 during the process of making carbon (Charcoal) which will eventually make c02 and lots and lots of pretty lights for my own amusement.

    I also grow lots and lots of plants on my hippy 1/3 acre paradise of a back yard. Is it a wash? I doubt it, but I am also growing lots of algae in my pond, does that count?

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