Ok, today has been an interesting day, politically speaking. 


This morning I downloaded Senator Obama’s speech.

It was exactly as I expected it to be.  He painted a picture of how over the last eight years was a living hell for Americans and how it was entirely the fault of Republicans.  I won’t debate the relative merits of his accusations but Senator Obama did a great job of conveying the message that he and the Democrats will do something about it, and that it will be a great change. Some of his ideas are quite similar to what just about every president has promised since the New Deal. 

Lower taxes, better education, lower medical costs, equal pay, close loop holes, etc.

It was a good speech, and said a lot of what people want to hear.

I also don’t agree with about 50% of his plan. 


But that’s ok.  I am not a Democrat and won’t be voting for one.


I found out that last night John McCain congratulated Senator Obama on his achievement on national television.  It was nice to see a break from partisan sniping for a while and let all the attention go to where it belongs.  It was a historic day, not only for Democrats, or Minorities, but for America.  Sorry I missed it, it sounds like an unusual move for a politician.


I was hoping it would be someone interesting.

I was right.


McCain selected the governor of Alaska as his running mate.  Sarah Palin is the first woman VP candidate for the republican party.  I think he made a good choice.  Check out this webpage for some personal information. 



VPILF?  That’s just too good not to say something about.  Was this on purpose or is her husband a bit dim on internet jargon?  Or maybe not….  She was named Miss Wasilla in 1984. 


Anyway for me she has a few good things going for her. 

  1. She is dynamic.
  2. She likes Moose stew.
  3. She is not a lawyer.
  4. She is a NRA member.


It should be an interesting season for political junkies.  I will follow their antics with a bit of amusement and wonder.  How did we get ourselves in such a mess?  The Republican candidates seem to be shaping up.  I was afraid that it wouldn’t’ be much of a fight.


And from what I read I don’t agree with about 50% of his plan


But that’s ok.  I am not a Republican and won’t be voting for one.




3 thoughts on “Speechreading

  1. Burrowowl says:

    So… Bob Barr this time around?

  2. I am not sure. I am torn between Bob Barr out of principal, or writing in my own name in the name of total freedom. The Guns and Dope party says I should…

    I know that there is no chance for the Libertarians party to win, but supporting them helps send a message to the other two parties. Who will win is another mater. I am leaning towards an Obama victory. Maybe the public will finally see that there is no real substantive difference between the two parties. There is another choice.

    The main problem is that we are at or near a tipping point; soon there will be a larger percentage of the American population that receives government support than those who experience government obstacles. Those who receive their livelihood from the government will not vote for a party that wants to limit its size.

    We don’t need more political posturing, vote buying, or empty promises, from the president. What we need is some adult supervision of Congress.


  3. Burrowowl says:

    If you actually have a preference between the two front-runners, you might want to consider actually casting that vote. Unlike here in California, there’s a chance your vote might actually influence where your electoral votes will go. Every registered voter in my county could vote McCain and it’d still be 55 electors for Obama. I may as well vote for Cthulhu for all the difference it makes.

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