Snot free Wyoming


I have a good excuse for not posting lately.


I was in heaven.


Pyro heaven.


My lovely wife and I went to the 2008 PGI Convention in Gillette Wyoming.


Now I understand why when people claim they went to heaven, and came back, can’t describe what it looked like. 


I will try.


Luckily I took pictures.


Got a light?

Got a light?

The sounds were awesome.



All day every day there were explosions.  Little ones mixed in with big ones.  They were happy explosions, random, fun, and sometimes enormous.  It was the sound of thunder to a dustbowl farmer.  Like victory fire after a battle. 


Got Cake?

Got Cake?

The smells were memorable.

Wyoming as its own sent, one of sage brush, dust and a slight whiff of wet cow.  Add in the acrid smell of black powder mixed with fresh Chinese cardboard and sawdust and your there.


Comic enthusiasts have Comic-Com

Gamers and computer geeks have CES

Rocketry enthusiasts have Balls

Athletes have the Olympics.

Pyros have the PGI convention.


Yes it was that much fun.


I was able to witness things that lesser pyros only dream of.


Hand made, 8″, 7 break shell, with a bottom shot timed to perfection.

If you don’t understand explaining wouldn’t help.

Two 24″ shells, one of which flower potted.

Farting rockets.

21 gun salute to end all 21 gun salutes.  (My ears still ringing)

4,000,000,000 firecrackers suspended from a crane. (Ditto)

Super String

Cakes that shoot girandolas.

Two green men. 




I shot lots of video.  Upon later review it was deemed inadequate and wanting.


The only bad thing I can say about the whole experience was that the hotel bed was uncomfortable. (Like that’s news)  So much so that I thought it was some kind of diabolical way of encouraging people to leave early to help give the housekeeping staff time to turn over the rooms.  The end result was we stayed up until 1am each night and got up at 7am each morning, breakfast, then nap until noon, then off to the CamPlex for pyro. 




We drove 300 miles, spent three days with hundreds of fellow pyros blowing the snot out of Wyoming. Then we drove 300 miles back home and had all day Sunday to recover.  My lovely wife used the time to nap like a cat.  I went shooting with my friend Elvis and spend the rest of the day cleaning guns. 


All in all, quite the little vacation. 




One thought on “Snot free Wyoming

  1. Layman Pong says:

    During festivals, the GreenMen used to wave around huge sparklers, some of the first fireworks used in Europe.


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