Silly Hats

I have always had love hate relationship with hats.  When I was a kid hats were quite prevalent, probably because I spent a lot of time in the outdoors with my family. I am not sure why they wore hats so much, was it due to fashion, or lack of natural shade?  My Dad loves hats.  When out doors he always seemed to be wearing one, and when shopping he was always looking for a better one.   He also always seemed to want to share his love of hats with me. I didn’t want anything to do with hats, but I didn’t want to say they looked silly either. A clasic father-son trap; somehow I avoided hats all together until I enlisted.  Later in life I found that hats are useful, particularly since my natural shade has mostly disappeared over time.  So now I wear hats and find myself shopping for them as well. Yes, I have found myself recommending hats to my kids, who look at me the same way I must have looked at my Dad. 

First I have to say up front that all hats are silly looking.  That’s ok; lots of useful and functional articles of clothing are silly looking.  Take the tie for example. Well… maybe not particularly useful, what about collars?  Nope they don’t serve a purpose either.  Dam, I guess I can’t think up any examples at the moment, but you know what I mean.  Most of the time I have no reason to advocate against the display of silliness, especially in regards to fashion; odd clothes make the world more fun and a little more pleasing to look at.  But when silliness becomes the norm I simply have to put my foot down.

Disdain for all things Baseball…

Warning this post will piss off baseball fanatics.  Please remember that I am fine with that.  Go ahead and reply with sound reasoning as too why baseball is so great.

I have always had a certain amount of disdain for the sport of baseball as a foolish past time for anyone out of their teens.  From my point of view, the only thing I find sillier than the sport, is the uniform, particularly the baseball cap.  Next time you’re walking through the grocery store count how many people are wearing baseball caps.  How many are under 20 years old and actually wearing a full baseball uniform? It makes me want to shout out: “Hey Skippy the sun in your eyes?  Are you waiting for your time at bat?”  How come you never see anyone supporting their team by wearing a football helmet, or a hockey mask? 

Maybe my disdain for baseball caps came from my years in the military when wearing a baseball cap was part of the uniform.  I thought it looked silly at the time, and was particularly put off by the fact that silliness is not an effective image for a member of the US armed services to display.  At least we had some dignity when wearing silly hats.  The brims were allways in front and we never, ever, wore the hats inside a building.  If fact, we were made to practice the all important transition.  It is against the military uniform code (AFR 35-10) to have a hat on in a building.  It’s also against the uniform code not to have a hat on when outside.  So that moment in-between was critical, and it took practice to get it just right.

“Hats on, hats off, hats on, hats off” -Thank you Sgt Miyagi.   

After years and years of wearing a silly hat and a green uniform, that had nothing to do with baseball, it makes me cringe to see people wearing hats indoors.  I know, I know, it’s a trivial thing to be irritated by.  Hats are kind of silly to begin with and there is nothing wrong with that, but dam it remember what they are for and have some dignity for Pete’s sake.

Silliness is just fine in my book.  What bothers me is when silliness is so normal that it becomes fashionable.  Crocs for example.  Will the baseball hat become as accepted as wearing a tie during formal activities?  Will baseball caps become common at weddings (Other than in the south)?  Will baseball caps replace name-tags at conferences with everyone wearing a hat that says “Hello my name is Bubba”

So it’s established that I don’t like baseball caps, ok, ok, I will give it a rest. 

You may be asking, what started this whole rant about hats?  

It started with a post by Planetross called The “Bloggitty Blog Blog” Blog.

In his post he asked the following question:

16. Where can I buy a hat like “Prairie Flounder‘s”?

This started me thinking, is he making fun of my hat?  I don’t want to seem defensive but I like my hat.  It’s a wonderful hat.  And it has no connection to baseball, product endorsements, or team logos. 

Sometimes things get stuck in my head, like a jingle.  I had hats, and people who wear them stuck in my head the rest of the day.  I started noticing how the vast majority of people who wear hats, wear baseball caps.  Stupid looking baseball hats with company logos, team names, or product advertisements were suddenly appearing everywhere.  Sorry, I said that I would give baseball caps a rest.  My bad.

Anyway, to answer Ross’s question I got my hat at Jax.    Here is a link where you can buy your own.

Sure it’s a silly hat, but it’s my silly hat.  It works quite well, because form follows function, and for some reason that’s important to me.


Oh, and I take my hat off when indoors.  This is partially out of habit and partly so I don’t look like everyone else.




5 thoughts on “Silly Hats

  1. Burrowowl says:

    I, for one, share your distaste for people wearing hats indoors. But then, I’m somebody who winces when he ears teeth clicking and scraping on silverware.

  2. Tony says:

    I love hats, I have 2 akubra’s, 1 old guy austrian style hat, got it on the weekend just gone $3 at an Op shop, bargain bonanza. 1 casual baseball cap & 1 work baseball cap. I hate the baseball cap sideways/backwards thing!!!
    Hats indoors, whats the point????
    Ties, stupid formality we would be better off without.
    Collars, just to keep the tie in place & stop it looking stupid.
    Navy caps, now they are stupid looking things that I had 12 years of displeasure of having to wear. The Oz Navy later introduced berets which weren’t so bad, but couldn’t wear them ashore. This has now inspired me to do my own hat post……
    I have RSS’d you, love your blog
    Cheers from Tasmania

    Well now you have done it. You complemented my blog and have a right nice blog your self; a little flattery goes a long way with me. Now you’re on my blogroll. The responsibility is enormous but I am sure you will live up to it.

  3. planetross says:

    I would never make fun of another person’s hat.
    Yours is very stylish and would be something I would wear.

    I am not a hat person usually, but have been know to wear the lowly baseball cap (but it usually advertises beer; and is a freebie).

    At the moment, all my freebie beer caps are being used to wedge doors open.

    Beer Caps … mmm… I smell a blog in there somewhere :)

  4. Phew! Been trying to get time to read this post for a while now.

    I likes it!

    …Especially two huge points. The first is about adults playing baseball. Seriously… What the hell? Yes… national past time, so fun to watch, blah, blah, blah.. My logic circuits can’t square with the idea that we pay grown men to play with a ball. I want someone to bank roll me for skipping rocks at the beach. OH! or how about professional hide and seek! Sorry, I just don’t get it.

    Secondly, though I am a base ball hat wearer, You will never catch me indoors, wearing one. Though I never spent time in the military, I did the next best thing. I spent eleven years at Catholic school. I didn’t have a Sgt. but I did have nuns.

    I have baseball hats for two reasons. First is the fact that you will never once, see me in sunglasses. I don’t own a pair and hopefully never will. Can’t stand them. The other reason is so I can get ones that confuse people. I like mine to sport logos for strange and niche products. It makes it all the more fun when someone actually knows what it is.

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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