Work, drink beer, repeat.

Thursday morning was an exercise in aches and pains.  Exercise was the cause but alcohol was defiantly a contributing factor.  I let Spudgun sleep, but I had to be in Loveland early.  My lovely wife and I stopped for coffee on the way out to help set up the show.  We were greeted by a trailer stacked to improbable heights with racks of mortar tubes and six smiling faces.  The pyro crew was eager and ready.  There is nothing quite like a good work out first thing in the morning to help rid the body of toxins. (Beer) My lovely wife and I worked together and completed all the work on the 8” and 10” guns and went to help with the 3”s.  Then Spudgun showed up to help wire and splice chains.

I have to remind myself than my wife and I are ‘early birds’; Spudgun is defiantly not. It’s going to interesting to see how long keep up this pace of getting up early and staying up late. Anyway I was glad to see him; we needed the help if we were going to get done before dark.  Splicing quick match is tedious and time consuming, and it turned out that Spudgun is remarkably adept at this.  I was not suprised.  We had a good crew and were able to get everything done just in time for dinner. 

It was a long day and I was seriously tuckered out but I still had enough energy to tackle a serious issue…  Our internet access was still down.


With out any internet access my two sons were climbing the walls. I am sure that this is as tragic as when I was a kid and was told I couldn’t go outside to play.  I spent the next hour or so dicking around with the cable modem.  I really didn’t want to call Comcast and just to find out that the problem was something simple.  It’s the same reason guys don’t ask for directions.  When I was certain that the problem was not with my computer or router, I called Comcast. After much discussion and a couple modem resets, and computer re-starts they said that they would have to send someone out to our area to check their cable system.  The modem looked fine, but the signal was intermittent and it looked “Funny”.  O…k…  I didn’t think it looked funny, but they are the experts. I mentioned that the modem stopped working at the same instant as the lighting struck yesterday.  “Hhhmmmm” was the reply. “That just may have zapped your modem”.  Duh, how do I know for sure?  Looking funny was not a diagnostic that I am confortable with.  They recommended waiting for a few hours to see if it cleared up on its own.  When my wife asked me if we had internet access, I told her that Comcast said it looked “funny” and to try again later.  She didn’t think it was funny either. At least the cable was working for the TV and we had beer. 


“Dad, we got intertubes yet?”

“No but Comcast says it looked funny”





“Get off the wall”



The next day was the Fourth of July and we still had a lot of work to do to get ready.  The plan was to go to bed early, get up early, have a big breakfast, and get to the shooting site by 7am.  It was supposed to be a hot day, but a very low chance of thunderstorms.


That would have been great if it worked out that way.  Instead, we drank beer until after midnight again.  Spudgun is a bad influence on me…..  If only he would stop making me stay up late drinking beer! Oh well, I can sleep in on Saturday.


And the intertubes are still cloged.



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4 thoughts on “Work, drink beer, repeat.

  1. Burrowowl says:

    No surprise that Spudgun is good at rigging up the boom-boom tubes.

  2. I have an odd feeling that You, me and Spudgun would all have about the same effect on each other in regards to late night global problem solving and alcohol intake.

    For that extra bit of flair, I recommend tossing some good cigars into the mix. Although, since you are working with explosives… maybe not.

    -Turkish Prawn

  3. planetross says:

    I like the “Get off the wall” line. I hope the pyrotechnics were a success :) and you have intertubes back.

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