Work boom repeat.

Back to work.


            My 4th of July vacation was so exhausting that I am glad to be back.  Now I have a chance to rest up and relax, sit back and enjoy a restful ten hours in front of my computers at work.   Aaaaahhhhh.  I am not going to do any physical activity more taxing that pouring coffee or carrying my laptop from the HPM to my office.  Today is my day to catch up on all the wackiness and fun my co-workers had.  Like the chiller emergency, the failed computer room AC unit, three control cabinet failures, and a power surge that re-set the main control system server.  Oh well, time to get after it and make things all better.




            Glad to be back and update this thing with all that happened over the last few days.  Since Wednesday the weekend has been a real E-ticket ride for the whole family.  Anyone who is not familiar with what an E-ticket is, feel free to become enlightened here.


Holliday Re-cap.


On Wednesday morning just as the sun rose over the beautiful and scenic Windsor Lake, and the pelicans soared over the blue porta-john I waited while sipping my coffee.  My youngest son and I were on the shoot sight at 6am ready to work.  Less than a half hour later we were unloading equipment.  Mortar tubes, re-bar, hammers, drills, stakes, rope, and the miles of wire that was needed to be set up for Fridays show.  The idea was to set up the field as early as possible in an attempt to avoid the heat later in the day.  Also the weather forecast was predicting thunderstorms in the afternoon.   Rain, lightning, and fireworks do not mix, especially since the entire show is electrically fired.  One close lightning strike and the entire show could go up.  The day went smoothly, we had a good crew and everyone knew what to do.  Once the pyroshowed up my son had to go home.  Next year he will be old enough to play with the big toys. 


Unlikely as it sounds, the forecast was indeed accurate and we did get a thunderstorm exactly as predicted.  Towards the west we could see a funnel cloud appearing over the foothills.  




It soon disappeared but, it was never the less disturbing. Then it started to rain.  After a panicky twenty minutes of covering the guns with plastic and securing things down with duct tape we retired to the metal storage container to get out of the rain.


We nick named the storage container “our little Faraday cage” once the thunder started to rumble.  Nothing went off, but we were done for the day. 




The security guard arrived shortly there after so we went home.  Once home I found out from my son that lightning struck the light pole right out in front of our house.  This of course caused all manor of chaos.  The TV in his room stopped working, cable TV was down, our Internet access was down, and the power cycled long enough to create the dreaded blinking 12:00 all over the place. All was not right with the world.  To make matters worse my wife and I had to leave for class, and we were expecting a guest in the next few hours. 

Not just any guest.  

It was Spudgun coming out to help set up big fireworks!


Technologically impaired, no beer, and an empty house is no way to great a guest.


The timing worked out and Spudgun arrived shortly after we got home from school.  To make up for the lack of Internet service I stopped on the way home and bought beer. 


In retrospect buying beer was probably a mistake.  We spend a late night drinking beer and talking about the next few days and what we were going to do. 


To add insult to injury the coffee maker was broken. 

Loveland’s setup is much bigger than Windsors.  And I committed to being there at 7am.


Tomorrow morning is going to be rough.




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