The word blue seems to have a number of connotations.  When sad, a person is said to feel blue.  Anger and frustration with children can be expressed by “Hold your breath until you turn blue in the face”.  A blue blood is a privileged ‘upper class’ with great wealth and power.   An x rated movie can be said to be blue.  Blues is a type of music. 


It seems that anything can be blue, even laws, like the Colorado Law that forbids the sale of Liquor on Sunday, sort of….


How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!
-Samuel Adams


This used to make me blue when I first moved to Colorado. (Pun intended) Not because I have a compelling need to buy alcohol on Sunday, but because of the principal involved in such a law.  What right does the government have to say when a business can sell its wares?  There is apparently no rhyme of reason to the laws that dictate which sinful activities a person can partake in on Sunday.  You can’t buy liquor in a liquor store on Sunday, but it’s ok to go to a bar and get totally shit-faced and drive home, unless you get stopped by a cop or a tree or something.   Car dealers are closed on Sundays, but you can buy a car from your neighbor.  Buying beer is ok on Sunday but only beer that is less than 3.0 percent alcohol and only in grocery stores.  When does this legal game of Fizbin end?


So the government mandates that convenience stores and grocery stores can not sell wine, liquor or beer with more than 3.0% alcohol content. Liquor stores can not sell hard liquor on Sundays, but bars and restaurants can.  Oh, and no selling or trading of automobiles is allowed on Sunday.  I think I missed something about the connection between Cars and booze. Maybe, drunk driving home from a bar because you couldn’t get any booze to drink at home is the logic here.  Oops maybe not.


So after years and years of debate, grass roots efforts, lobbying by liquor stores and a massive petition drive it looks like one of the Colorado blue laws will be repealed.  This takes effect this Sunday, appropriately, during the Independence Day weekend. 


This is a cause for celebration and much rejoicing.  This kind of thing doesn’t happen often enough. 


Some of the reactions in the media and among store owners are amazing:

How will I pay for more employees? 

I like having Sundays off, now I am forced to work. 

This will be great, new jobs are always a good thing.

It should lower the incidences of drunk driving.

The competition will drive prices up.

The competition will drive prices down.


What’s next?  

Grocery stores selling booze?  

People buying cars on Sunday? 

Dogs and cats living together?

When will the madness end?


The media goes to great lengths to weigh the pros and cons and look at all sides except for one.  It’s a basic right for a business to sell a legal substance whenever it damn well please.  This is a victory of Freedom over Government tyranny.  Well Tyranny may be a bit strong, but it’s the principal that counts.  This message seems to have been lost in the pursuit of finding the effects on tax revenue, profits, and alcohol consumption.


Here is what I am going to do to celebrate.

I plan on going up to the drive through window at the “Town Spirit” as early as possible on Sunday morning and buying a twelve pack of Samuel Adams light.   I will enjoy the beer around my fire pit that evening with my cousin who is visiting from California.  A better evening I can only imagine. 


And to those in favor of blue laws I will defer to the words of a much wiser man:


If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

-Samuel Adams



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3 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Archvillain says:

    Could be worse. You could have State-controlled liquor stores like we do here in the Shallow South. All the liquor stores are State-owned and operated. They are frequently shut down “to save money”, and there aren’t nearly enough of them. Only certain types of liquor are available in the stores, but you can “order” types not normally available. These “orders” never actually get filled, for a variety of reasons.

    At least Vah-jinn-ya finally started allowing the ABC stores to open on Sundays. Since they did (at a few stores only), sales have increased by $11 Million, so the State is going to start opening all of them 7 days a week. Funny how the prospect of tax revenue makes the Puritan asshats in the State Gummint lose their “moral repugnance” to liquor.

    I hatehatehatehatehatehatehate State controlled liquor stores.

  2. Burrowowl says:

    …And we deride other countries for being unduly influenced by their nutty religions.

    What an adult wants to put in his own body is his own business, and if one person chooses to purchase something from another person, that is their business. The government should only intercede in such transactions when it harms some third party or the transaction is in some way fraudulent (we agreed you’d give me five bucks for a case of beer and I only provided a six-pack).

  3. It happened on a sunday

    The liqour stores were closed

    Thank heaven for the blue laws

    We were swimmin in our sunday clothes.

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