Old guys Rock II


Well, I finally got time to down load the photos and video I took at the Rush concert.  It’s odd what catches my eye sometimes…..


Here is what the concert looked like from my seat. 



I remember when I saw Rush 22 years ago there wasn’t the technology to have giant video screens.  It really brings people into the playing.  I guess I don’t spend enough time at sports stadiums or Las Vegas; these giant screens impress the hell out of me.


The zoom on my camera is quite good.  Too good sometimes…..


I just love this photo of the audience. 



Kind of creeps me out and gives me hope at the same time.  All those people that close together with lots of alcohol, and smoking and no violence, what a deal.  Must have been the music.


I had to get this picture. 



I have to admit that off hand I did not know what a Praetorian was.  So thanks to the Internet…. its either


The Praetorian Guard (Latin: PRÆTORIANI) was a special force of guards used by Roman Emperors.



praetorian or pretorian (pree-TOR-ee-uhn) adjective

Corruptible; fraudulent.

[From Latin praetor, an elected magistrate in ancient Rome.]

 The significance of the chickens being basted by a Praetorian is lost on me.  I will have to commit myself to listening carefully to the lyrics of each song on the Snakes and Arrows CD until I understand.


Smells like CHICKEN! 


Its tough work, but someone has to to it.



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One thought on “Old guys Rock II

  1. Do not look to closely at the man singing on the stage! The reflection you see might alarm you.

    Andy Somers is looking ROUGH these days.

    Turkish Prawn

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