Last Sunday I had breakfast with my lovely wife at Mimi’s in Loveland.  I love Mimi’s restaurant, they put us in a booth big enough for six so we can read the newspaper with out the endless folding needed at a tiny table.  I was reading about the clean up effort after the tornado and stories about how businesses were working together to get back to, well, business.  But two other stories really got my attention.  One was to be careful of scammers that came to town to rip off victims of the tornado.  The other was about how important it was to contact FEMA with any claim you may have, no matter how small, even if it is covered by your insurance. 


This last one for some reason made me more concerned than the first.  Scammers are an in your face kind of evil that deserved to be ridden out of town on a rail, but it’s FEMA that gives me the willies.  Our town was doing just fine picking up the pieces and taking care of business.  The city was working hard to recover, the County was providing assistance, the State of Colorado and the National Guard was working to help our little town recover. This is all just and right in my mind.  How many government agencies are needed? 


I am not sure what it is about FEMA that gives me the willies.  Maybe it’s an implied obligation that I feel when receiving aid, and I don’t want that kind of obligation.  I also feel a kind of futility when thinking about FEMA.  Why bust your ass working to clean up and fix your town when FEMA will swoop in and shower everyone with money, eventually.  The worse the damage, the less the insurance, and the poorer you are the more you get.  Why have insurance at all if FEMA will bail you out in a disaster?  Another thing is offering aid “no matter how small the damage or even if it covered by insurance”.  That’s what insurance is for.  No matter how small?  Since when is it the federal governments role to return everyone’s life to normal if something bad happens? Maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, but doesn’t is seem that FEMA is working to nationalizing insurance? 


I get the willies whenever responsibility is moved from a local level up the food chain.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is wonderful when people rush to the aid of others, and people who work for government aid agencies have the same desire.  But it is important for the federal government to understand its place.  From the Town level, County level, State level, up to the federal level all in one week it wasn’t that big of a disaster.  What happened in Windsor is not unusual.  A tornado ripped up a few hundred homes and businesses in a little town.  It’s tragic for the people who were affected, but it was in our little town.  Not across state lines, or into international waters, or even into federal land.  FEMA doesn’t belong here.  Go find a federal emergency to manage. 


Then I found something that gave my willies the willies.  FEMA Scammers. These creatures are the lowest of the low. This kind of slime doesn’t deserve a rail, I recommend tar and feathers.


Mimi’s restaurant usually has wonderful food and I usually make a pig out of my self.  Between scammers and FEMA I lost my appetite.  Next time I will stick to the comics during breakfast.




2 thoughts on “FEMA

  1. Burrowowl says:

    FEMA is the agency that gets to run the martial law if the monkey-boy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue decides that the system isn’t working anymore. That should help you sleep better at night.

  2. Oh man. The older I get the more Libertarian I become.

    I like the aspect of people helping people. Not so much the “We’ll make it all better” Squad.

    As you say, sometimes crap happens and you need to pick your self up and deal with it. It sounds like you and your town are doing a good job of that.

    Some food for thought about accountability… Imagine you lived in a town in the 1800’s. There are a few dozen families living there, way out in the boonies. A tornado rips through and flattens some dwellings and businesses. What neighbor do you help first?

    A: The nice folks who own the local dry goods store and helped you when you needed to buy seed on credit?

    or B: The jerk down the road who is verbally abusive to other townsfolk and takes pot shots at your dog?

    My point is that with guaranteed federal aid, we have removed a lot of the reason to be good to your neighbors, or at least removed a reason to know who your neighbors even are. We are rather quickly loosing the fabric that makes a community what it is. Sad, really. It’s why I elected to live where I do. I know most of the folks who live in my little corner of Maine and they know me. During natural or man made disasters, we pull together tightly and help those who need it (and deserve it). There are no real secrets here, but I’ll take that over “mystery neighbors” any day.

    Turkish Prawn

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