Whirlwind Vacation pt4

 The Voyage home.

It was Sunday evening, the next day we head home.

There is a place down by the fishing bridge in a clearing along a border of largish rocks where cell phone reception is possible.  It is not good reception and it only works while standing on a rock and facing south, but it is better than no signal at all.  Any movement kills the connection.   We found this place by asking the waiter where we can find a cell signal.  Before it was totally dark, my son called our house sitter, who is his “she is not my girlfriend” friend.   She said that the cats are doing fine, the house is well, but there still is no power. 


That’s just peachy. 

Oh well, its best to just deal with it.

It’s only been out since noon Thursday, the left over chicken and popsicles should be real nice when we get home. Stupid us, we should have known that the power would be out for a while.


Sunday night as I lay down to sleep I thought of home and what we will experience when we get there.  The view out our window is nice and calming from the bed.  I can’t see the parking lot from below the window frame.  I did have a nice view of the mountains, trees, and the gently falling snow.




Then my thoughts turned to, how the heck are we going to get out of the park if it snows all night?  Every exit is through mountains over roads with falling rocks on one side and cliffs on the other. 


The next morning everything was covered in wet sloppy snow, except, thankfully the roads.  Plows worked through the night to clear the pass out to the east.  Most of the way through the mountains it was like flying Luke Skywalker’s X-wing fighter through the Death Star trench.  Both sides of the road had between 3 and 10 feet of snow, cut cleanly at the edge of the road by plows, making a nice trench with bent or crooked signs appearing every so often.  Up to 8600 feet, then down to 5800 feet, the mountains were incredibly beautiful, but I was glad to see the plains.  No snow, just grass, lakes, parks, and endless stretches of sky.  Finally, around three hours out of Yellowstone we saw blue sky for the first time in three days. 


Welcome home, little flounder, welcome home.


We made several stops in “interesting” towns along the way.  We took Hwy14 to Cody, and then down hwy 120 to Thermopolis, which claims to have the world best hot springs.  We have seen enough of that, what we wanted was to find a place to buy a DVD.  We brought a DVD player so the back seat passengers could watch movies on the road.  We didn’t have the foresight to bring enough movies. Thermopolis is an Interesting little town; but not much in the way of large retail stores.  So we went down Hwy 20 to Casper.  There was a Wal-Mart in Casper, so we got some movies and more importantly we bought flashlights.  Coming home to a house with out power is kind of depressing, but hey, we spent the last few nights in luxury, we have no right to bitch.


Listening to movies while driving is an experience in imagination, much like reading a book.  I know what is going on and try to see the images in my minds eye while still paying attention to the road.  Good way to stay awake after six hours of driving.  We bought Raiders of the lost Arc which is a great movie for the road for those of us who are old enough to remember seeing it in the theaters.  Listening to the movie is much better than the one on the screen because I am still seeing it through teenager’s eyes. 


From Casper it was a rather un-eventful ride down I-25 to home.  We did stop at one of those fireworks stores that litter Wyoming like Pronghorn. 

The one we stopped at was right next to a Gas station and propane storage facility.  I couldn’t help myself, I bought fireworks.  No I didn’t need them; call it impulse buying, like at the supermarket. 


The power was back on by the time we got home, so the flashlights we bought went into strategic places around the house for the next time we have a power outage.  I hope we remember where there are when the time comes as I am sure it will.  I always keep an emergency bag with all kinds of useful stuff, but it’s never in the same room as I am when the power goes out.  I am thinking seriously about making an emergency lighting system to provide light in the house when the power fails.  It does seem to happen enough to justify the cost.


Once we got home it was time to start cleaning up and deciding what to do about my sons car and my truck that survived the storm.  First take a look at this video.   Then think of hail like that hitting your car…..

Next: Whirlwind Vacation 5 Taking care of business.


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