Whirlwind vacation pt1



It’s Ironic that my previous post was about house sucking.  The mightiest of whole house fans swiped through my little town of Windsor the other day.  I am sure you saw the news and saw the damage.


We were planning on leaving town on vacation the same day.  Our vacation plans to Yellowstone have been in place for over a year.  The day was quite busy as you can imagine.  The plan was to start out the day packing for our trip, and then a short day at work, leave at noon, pick up our High School age son from his last day at school, and head out to Wyoming. Not every trip goes as planed.  About noon I got a call from my college age son from home about some intense hail that was beating the crap out of his car.  Then I received a call from my other son about having to go to a shelter because of a tornado.  I spend the rest of the day trying to gather my family and get everyone home safely.


By the time we were all back together and checked our home for damage we found we had to make a decision.  Stay at home, or go on vacation.  Then we started to hear that the power was going to be down for days rather than hours, the authorities were talking about evacuating parts of the city due to natural gas leaks, and they were closing roads to provide access to emergency personal.  I managed to contact friends in town and no one needed any assistance.  So we decided to precede with our vacation plans.   The hotel was pre-paid for and this was in all probably the last family vacation for us before the kids leave home.


We were already packed, so all that was needed was to turn off the gas, and lock up.  It was so strange to be leaving town while all heck was breaking loose, but we didn’t see much else to do.  People were leaving, and emergency vehicles were trying to get in.


One thing that was really heart warming was all the phone calls from people wanting to know if we were ok and if we needed anything.  All I could say was that we were fine, and didn’t need any help.  I feel so fortunate.  Fortunate to have such good friends that are so concerned with out welfare and fortunate that we didn’t get any significant damage to our home.  Sure my son’s car got the crap beat out of it, and needs a new windshield and sun roof, but it’s only a car. 


The weather seemed to follow us to Wyoming.  We were caught in a blizzard while traveling up I80 on our way to Rawlings and had to pull over in Laramie for the night.  Half the city of Laramie was dark; apparently they had a tornado of their own. We were again fortunate, there was on hotel that was still open and had power, so we found a place to sleep.  We just settled in and were watching the national news about the Tornado in Windsor when the power went out.




3 thoughts on “Whirlwind vacation pt1

  1. First, right off that bat, I think you did the right thing. Good for you. Staying would have proved little if anything and you would have missed a great time with your family.

    Second, naturally… I’m glad to hear that all is well with you and yours. Mother Nature is a fickle lady and there’s nothing like a tornado, wild fire, water spout or hurricane to remind us of that.

    Be careful, drive safely and have your selves a great time! Can’t wait to hear about it. Happy Memorial Day.

    Turkish Prawn

  2. Layman Pong says:

    Maaaaan, I didn’t even know!
    I gotta stop hittin’ the hookah.

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