Today I found another job title.

 I am actually excited about this one….

Of course there is what everyone calls you at work when they know you are listening. 

The teachers and facility on campus call me the heating and cooling guy.  This is because they only see me when they are too hot or too cold. 

My Boss calls me the control guy. 

His boss calls me Mr. Wizard, because he knows even less about what I do than my boss.

The people at Human Resources call me a Building Control System Specialist, unless they are too hot or too cold.

The Buildings guys call me the “geek who spends too much time on the computer” and should work for a living like they do.

Security calls me the camera fix-it guy.

Contractors call me the “pain in the ass control freak”.

Then there are Job Titles.


I have found the title that I like.



You know when you have a geeky job when MS word says it is misspelled.


I discovered this cool new job title when I was studying a manual for the software I was working on.  It’s a book that, like most manuals that come with software packages, is nearly as thick as it is wide.  736 pages long with the simple title of “Cyberstation Configurators guide.”  Wow, the title of the book didn’t pass the MS spell check at all.


It was in the first chapter that I found that I was the Configurator.  I was also the programmer, user, and operator, but that is beside the point.  It makes me feel like a super hero. 

Unix geeks may be “Root”


But, I am “The Configurator” 


With a big C on my chest. 

I want a cape. 

And a cool bag to hold my laptop.




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