After a few minutes of thought and some reflection I decided that I would not pursue Cowboy Action Shooting.  Sure it sounds like fun but there are a few inconsistencies that I really can’t get around.  Cowboy action shooting involves wearing period costumes and shooting at targets with single action pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  This is fine; however, it is kind of restrictive. The American West represents only a tiny fraction of history.  During the late 1800s there were so many other interesting things going on in the world.  I love the west, and I think that the old time westerns were a unique and valuable part of our American heritage.  The Single Action Shooting Society does a great job maintaining this history so I decided not to step into their realm and well piss all over their culture. This took more sole searching that you would have thought.


SASS is a great idea, and like all great ideas, it is destined to be copied.  Dress up in costume, create scenarios to act out, and shoot at targets in a friendly atmosphere of competition is a excellent concept.  It would be like Dungeons and Dragons where you can hack at mannequins with swords.  It’s just a shame to restrict it to only goat ropers and urban cowboys.  I enjoy the shooting sports, but I do not particularly like the structure of the shooting range.  I enjoy informal shooting with friends (plinking) and it is competitive whether we keep score or not, but it is just a bit too informal.  And as I explained in my previous post I really like the era but I do not think that Steampunk costumes would go over well with Cowboys.  They have their thing and I have mine, and since there is no Steampunk shooting society I guess I only have one choice….


The official Steampunk Action Shooting Society is officially reviled, started, whatever….


Here are a few tidbits to peak your interest:

  1. Interactive targets are allowed and encouraged
  2. Exploding targets are encouraged.
  3. Exotic weapons allowed. (Must be period accurate)
  4. Score based on speed, accuracy and creativity.  Holy water will kill a vampire, and silver bullets will work against werewolves etc..
  5. Bonus points awarded for using alternative weapons, like crossbows, throwing knives, or wooden stakes.
  6. Bonus scoring for a good verbal quip after making a unusually good shot.  ‘Arnoldisms’ are encouraged.


More information to come.


Any suggestions or questions please send to or comment on this post.



4 thoughts on “SpASS

  1. Burrowowl says:

    Would period-accurate mean that the use of clockwork spring-loaded holsters and such be frowned upon?

  2. O’ contraire, remember just as movie westerns played fast and loose with historical accuracy so can Steampumk. A James West style spring loaded holster hidden inside a belt buckle is just the ticket towards extra points. As long as the mechanism is safe for the operator and spectators, its fine with me, we don’t want anyone getting their pants blown off. It’s the spirit of invention and a bit of “punk” that draws (Pardon the pun) me to Steampunk.

  3. Archvillain says:

    Anyone know where I can find a modern reproduction of the Lee-Enfield rifle? It was introduced in 1895, but I have no desire to shoot a weapon that old. I’ve already found a source for a S&W Russian pistol … in .45LC. Woot!

    I’ll need a pocket watch, a safari jacket, a brass telescope …


    I’ll need another bloody job!

  4. Archvillain,

    Don’t worry about the rifle being too old. If it’s well maintained, then it should be fine. I regularly shoot a 1916 SMLE and a 1915 Gew 98. I’m getting the wife a 1904 M96 and my son will have a 1902 .22 cal target rifle when he’s old enough (he’s two, at the moment so it’ll be a while yet).

    The real fun s when you have to make your own ammo because no one manufactures it any more!

    -Turkish Prawn

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