Between Iraq and a hard place

 Election 2008

It looks like, as of today, we have three choices for President in 08. 

Two Democrats, and one Republican.  Here is how the bumper sticker war is going:


First we have the Democrats:  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Both of which support traditional Democrat issues:

Universal health care.

End the war in Iraq, bring the troops home, etc.

Supports government paying for Abortions

Supports government paying for stem cell research

Re-institute assault weapons ban.

Repeal tax cuts for the wealthy

Opposes privatization of Social Security

The only real difference between them is gender, race, baggage and class. 

Barack Obama has class. 

Hillary Clinton has baggage.

Then the Republican:  John McCain.

He seems to support traditional Republican issues:

The federal government should increase funding to states and cities for homeland security.

Workers should be allowed to invest a portion of their payroll tax in private accounts which they manage themselves.  (Social Security)

Supports stem cell research on existing lines of stem cells  (fetal?)

Supports expansion of safe nuclear power

Has pledged to end U.S. reliance on foreign oil

“Success (in the war on terror) is essential to creating peace in the region, and failure would expose the United States to national security threats for generations”

Favor allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms.

Prohibit public funding of abortions.

The only thing that distinguishes McCain is that real conservatives think he is too liberal.

So where does that leave the voters like me who share important issues with both parties and candidates?

Where is the candidate for the Atheist, gun-owning, Pro-choice, pro-nuclear, Anti-War, Pay-your-way, get a life, voter like me?

  • I see McCain as just another politician that won’t make any serious changes and continue to with the same bad ideas as the last administration.
  • I see Clinton as just another politician that will make serious changes in government by instituting really bad ideas, with her thoughts always on her legacy. 
  • I see Obama as a fresh faced politician that will make serious changes in government by instituting really bad ideas, with the best of intentions. 

It may be time to support a Democrat.  Not for what he or she will do to the country but to show Americans that neither Democrats nor Republicans are doing what is right for America.  This is a hard spot to be in.

L bs

I am sticking to my guns and voting Libertarian. Not because I can’t stomach Democrats, but because I believe in a third way.  And I hate being between Iraq and a hard place.


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