I was just told that today is the Super Bowl.  On the off chance that you don’t know me personally here is a little revelation for you to ponder.  I don’t care for organized sports. It is not that I dislike sports; it is more like I don’t acknowledge that they make any difference to me in the slightest bit.  I find the fans disturbing, not the sport.  I don’t mind the outrageous salaries, or the shameless promotion, nor do I feel that there is anything childish or juvenile about grown men playing games for money.  It’s not the sports, per say, that I find disturbing it’s the spectators that give me the willies.  I simply distrust anything that displays the fanatical behavior that I see with organized sports.  Baseball, basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer (Europe) display behaviors that I find disturbing.  This is on such a basic level that I am amazed that I am in the minority of people who feel this way. 

            I have never really been interested in sports of any kind, other than the Olympics.  I really started to question fans when I lived in England.  The behavior of Soccer hooligans in England in the eighties was so bad that England was banned from European competition for a number of years.  When I came back to the states I found that I lost what little I remember of what was going on in organized sports.  I missed the last three World Series, Super Bowls, Playoff games, etc.  Every time some co-worker would ask “How about the game last night?”  I would feel like I missed something important. I would stammer and stutter then finally admit that I didn’t see the game, nor did I care who won. It took me a while to come to the realization that it was not I that was strange.  Well not strange on that level anyway. 

            The scary ones are the ones who really believe that a sports teems performance can be enhanced by blowing horns in a basement when their teem scores. The kind of person that really believes that by wearing team colors on game day makes a difference.  They agonize over news that a player with an injury will be able to recover in time for an important game.  These are the same people who think that stock car racing is a sport.

            Many people debate, with much vigor, how important these athletes are as role models for the youth of America.  How performance enhancing drugs undermine the confidence we place in these modern day heroes.  Lately we hear how important these icons of sports fanatics are to the economy.  This is frightening to me.

            The current state of affairs, in regards to sports in America, reminds me of how years ago there was a controversy over wrestling.  There was a serious division between people who thought that professional wrestling was a sport and those who saw it as only entertainment.  Was pro wrestling an honest contest between two men, or simply entertainment where the entire season orchestrated by demographics to sell products?  Now, for all intent and purposes, it’s obvious to all but the lowest of intelligence, what has become of pro wrestling. 

Is this the future of other major league sports?

BTW:  It’s entertainment.


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