On January 6th, this blog received a record numbers of hits, over 200 hits on one day. I usually average about 30 to 40 hits a day, so this really got my attention.  It was shortly after posting about zombie movies for Christmas.  I didn’t think that this was a controversial topic for Christmas, maybe Easter…but defiantly not Christmas.  After looking at ‘blog stats’ on my wordpress dashboard, I found out that all the traffic was about a post I made over a year ago.  No comments, just a lot of traffic. The record number of hits had nothing to do with the recent post. It was caused by a link on someone else’s blog.  This blog gets loads more hits than I will ever see.  Apparently there is no connection between what I write and how many visitors come to my site.

            Shortly afterwards, there was a lot of traffic on some of my friend’s sites about gun control.  It is a subject that I feel rather passionate about, and I commented on.  Later I agonized for hours on the subject and wrote a long and detailed essay on my views about guns and gun control.  It is still sitting in my flash drive, unseen by anyone but me.  I didn’t post it because arguing for the sake of argument doesn’t appeal to me.  Gun control is one of those topics where no amount of persuasion can alter someone’s opinion.  Same with global warming, abortion, immigration, legalizing drugs, smoking bans, gambling, and a host of other topics, each have their proponents and detractors that rarely change their minds.

            This is probably why I have a tendency of staying away from controversial topics.  I am afraid of confrontations; it’s because I really don’t want my blog to turn into an endless rant. Nor do I wish it to become a flaming hole in the blogosphere smashed to bits by angry basement dwelling geeks.  There are enough websites, and blogs, that rant and rave about how bad things are. Sometimes it seams that the information super highway is paved with onions.  I find it amusing that the people who bitch and moan the most are the same ones that have enough money to own a computer, enough education to write clearly, and enough free time to write about how horrible things are.  

            I would rather try to focus on writing about what I find amusing.  This is usually about fireworks, rockets, adventures, and zombie movies.  When I do rant about something I try to find humor and absurdities where ever they lie.  Lately I find that I am having a tough time finding amusing things to write about.  This is probably due to post holiday blues rather than the world being sucked down a pit of despair.  Hopefully this will go away in a while.  Maybe I will feel better when the Pyro season starts again, maybe when I find the time to watch some zombie movies to review, or maybe when the Democratic national convention comes to Denver. Any of those should provide a ton of ammo for the keyboard to fire off a blog entry or two.  Maybe it’s time to visit Absurdistan.  Life is to serious to be taken seriously. 

Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about controversy and just write.

            My next post could be about why you should see Dawn of the Dead.  Or why you shouldn’t see Dead Alive.  Or maybe, a rant about federally funded illegal alien abortions.   Maybe I will explore Global warming as a plot by candle makers, under direction of the Church the Subgenius, to encourage a massive X-day celebration of bikini wax.  Or how mining uranium is a secret plot by the Bush administration to supply terrorists with a dirty bomb to increase homeland security powers and create a police state, then ship all liberals to France. 

Radiation run

Fair warning.




2 thoughts on “Controversy

  1. Layman Pong says:

    Writing in itself isn’t bad.
    It’s the sending/posting that’s the killer.

    Plenty of tinybrained killjoys out there to get worked up over content: if you want to be angry, there’s fodder out there somewhere.

    I don’t have a counter/tracker/ticker whoseywhatsit.
    And I feel fine.

  2. spudgun says:

    Well, I understand Paris is lovely this time of year.

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