Bittersweet TV

            Last night was arguably the best Golden Globes award show I have ever seen.  I have to preface this by saying that my wife loves these award shows and I do sit by her and watch the damn things every year.  I do laugh at the introductions, and disagree with the choices the judges make.  It’s like eating at McDonalds, only when it’s over do I feel guilty and a little sick my stomach.

            Thanks to the writers strike, another episode of millionaire attention whores honoring themselves has been averted.  I didn’t even notice that I missed anything until I went to the TV guide channel to find out when ‘Terminator the chronicles of Sara Connor’ would begin.  The wonderful world of time zones screwed me again. The said the show would be on at 9pm so I figured 8pm because they are almost always an hour off.  At 7:55pm I looked to find what channel it was on and found that it started at 7pm, on Fox.  I should have guessed.  Bummer, however I was just in time to see the last award given out to some movie, actor, producer, whatever, with out a recipient, speech, audience, or movie clip.  The emotion that best describes the experience is bittersweet.  I was bitter that I missed Terminator, and it was sweet that I missed the Golden Globes.  I also went to bed with out feeling a little sick to my stomach.

            I just hope the same thing happens to the SAG awards.  (I doubt it) This is the pinnacle of actor on actor, back slapping, mugging for the camera, narcissistic wankathon that has ever been thought up. The only thing that could be worse would be a show that does the same thing for politicians.  Oops too late, that’s already on CNN. 



2 thoughts on “Bittersweet TV

  1. pyroworks says:

    Sounds like we have similar thoughts. Rather be reading Human Factors Handbook than watching Golden globes, Oscars, etc.

  2. Layman Pong says:

    If you’re talking The Terminator TV show, go to the fridge and cut you some Velveeta and you’re caught up.

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