Yea in my backyard.

            A few months back I noticed a new and interesting looking flyer appear around my neighborhood.  They caught my eye due to the bright yellow paper and nice big radiation symbol.  The flyer was from a group called CARD which stands for Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction.  Apparently they formed a group to fight mining of uranium by a company called Powertech Uranium Corp.  Their catch phrase, and website is I couldn’t help but laugh at their catch phrase “Watch Nunn Glow”.

            The joke is, as you drive into Nunn the only noticeable landmark is a water tower that says “Watch Nunn Grow” and underneath in spray painted letters “weeds”.  I have been driving past Nunn on my way to the PNG for rocket launches for over eight years, and I haven’t seen Nunn do anything but grow weeds.

Nun grow

            Powertech owns the mineral rights to property north of Nunn.  They haven’t mined Uranium, at what Powertech refers to as the Centennial site, because it wasn’t profitable; the price of uranium wasn’t worth the cost of digging it up. Then climate change (Man made global warming due to CO2 emissions, dependence upon Mid East oil, prohibiting drilling in parts of America: you pick) has increased the demand for electricity that doesn’t create CO2, use coal, foreign oil, pick you poison . 

Along comes nuclear power to save the day, with it people who want to stand in the way.

Nuclear power is a proven technology that can generate electricity with out burning fossil fuels.  Nuclear power can generate power on days with out wind, at night, and without emitting CO2.  Nuclear power also needs fuel. 

             CARD says “not in my back yard”.  I guess this is what they think it means to ‘think globally act locally’.  Go to the CARD webpage and read what bitches and gripes they have about uranium mining. 

Their issues are as follows:

  1. Uranium laden dust could possibly blizzard down on people who live in Fort Collins, if the conditions are just right and there is lots of uranium laden dust lying all around.
  2. The ground water may become contaminated by uranium that is being mined from under the ground next to the ground water.
  3. The company may avoid paying local taxes thus robbing the community and Colorado of zillions of dollars that the company may make on selling uranium.  (Probibly the real issue)
  4. Uranium is dangerous, makes things glow (Implied) and nuclear power is bad for people and the environment. 
  5. Accidents happen all the time, Chernobyl, Three mile island, and many other contaminated sites have killed and injured “Thousands of people”.

The entire site is made up of hysterical proclamations about how icky nuclear power is and how much waste it generates.  The only facts they referance are from two articles:

Why Nuclear Power Cannot Be a Major Energy Source ( ) by David Fleming, April 2006.

As Uranium Mines Closed, State Altered Cleanup Goals ( ) by Dan Kelley, November 2006.

Please read these articles and discover for yourself that they are based on emotional reaction to the mysteries of nuclear power rather than the science.  

Creating fear by exploiting ignorance is a powerful tool. 
Here are a few facts I found about nuclear power:

  • 17% of the world’s electricity comes from 442 nuclear power plants in 1996. Nuclear energy accounted for 77% of France’s electricity, 52% of Sweden’s, and 22% of the United States’.
  • 36 nuclear power plants are currently under construction in 14 countries. Five plants began commercial operation last year, including one at the Tennessee Valley Authority.
  • The safety record of nuclear power is outstanding. Radiation from nuclear plants has not caused a single known death worldwide, except at the Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine. The known death toll from the Chernobyl accident is less than 50.
  • Chernobyl-type plants can not be built or operated in the United States.
  • Less radiation is given off by a nuclear power plant than a coal-burning plant.
  • Nuclear power plants emit no carbon dioxide
  • Nuclear plants emit no particulates.
  • A new, second-generation nuclear plant was recently constructed in Japan in less than 4.5 years and below budget. Some American plants took over twice that long to build. The Japanese plant was designed by a team of American and Japanese companies.
  • France exports electricity from nuclear power for profit.



5 thoughts on “Yea in my backyard.

  1. archivist says:

    After reading your posting I understand why it is filed under ‘Complete BS’ :-)
    Not really worth discussing. You should do your home work first, because you quite obviously do not understand that this is about uranium MINING not nuclear power plants.

  2. Maybe you know of a use for that much uranium that I don’t know about. My thought was that it is a sign of more active presuit of nuclear power.

  3. archivist says:

    You are posting a link to -> the description <- of a report that costs €2,996.00. Did you actually buy let alone read that report? OK, that was just a rhetorical question.
    I guess it is sufficient for your kind of research to read just the descriptions. hahaha

  4. spudgun says:

    Hey pf, who is that dude?

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