Living Dead Christmas presents.

A few days ago children all over the world wished for Santa to bring them toys.  And behold they got toys, and if there was any justice some got coal.  Some parents of these children, wished for the money to pay for those toys, and the coal. The parents usually get each other something useful, like tools, and jewelry.  I remember when my kids were young; I simply wished that the kids would sleep in. 

             Now that I am older, it’s a different kind of Christmas season.  My kids are much more likely to remain snoozing, somtimes until just before noon.  This is what happens later in life, for some reason the parents start wishing for toys for Christmas and the kids sleep in. 

I wished for zombie movies and alcohol.


Thank you Santa for all you brought me for Christmas.

            I also got a remote control flying insect and a new gun bag.  What more could I ask for?  The kids slept in and let me have a nice hot shower before opening presents.

            So over the next few evenings I was able to hide in the basement with a glass of whiskey and watch zombie movies.  Now that’s my idea of how to relax.  So for all my friends and relatives that have small children, enjoy the fun and adventure that the holidays have to offer.  Soon you too will have to wake up your kids and drag them out of bed so you can open your presents.  

BTW the zombie movie play set glows in the dark. 



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