Odd jobs Part 2

Teenage exuberance.

I never thought that there was a market for professional Chimney sweepers until I got a job sweeping chimneys.  Something about chimneys that attract thorny plants, and wasps, so not only is it a dirty, dusty, nasty job, but you get to experience wasp stings and cuts and scrapes from thorn bushes.  I only lasted about a week with that job.

For a while I worked at a marina.  My first thought that comes to mind about marinas is that it must be like the movie Caddyshack. Everyone walks around wearing a blue blazer an ascot and a silly hat, drinking champagne and talking boat talk. Then some loud mouth in a giant motor boat crashes into things and complains about scratching his anchor on your sailboat.  I didn’t work for this kind of marina, but there were a lot of fat slobs with motor boats.  My jobs included bailing out boats, picking up trash cans floating in freezing water, cleaning bathrooms, and running a weed whacker that only Jason Voorhees could love.  Beach Hippies throw away the most amazing things, most of which you do not want touching your bare skin.  Cleaning public restrooms that are used by fishermen to clean fish is also an experience not to be repeated.  It was not all bad, I got to leave early when I would man the gate to let in people to fish.

At 3am.


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Uncle Sam’s place.


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