Odd jobs Part 1

Youthful ignorance.

I got my start in odd or unusual jobs early in life.  When I was only twelve years old I was hired by a crazy old woman to watch a birds nest. The nest was about twenty feet up a tree and she was concerned that the little babies in the nest would be eaten by blue Jays.  So she gave me a BB gun and some lemonade and told me to shoot any blue jays that bothered the nest.  I can’t think of a more ideal job for a 12 year old.

My neighbor Mr. Barrington hired me once to clear out pyrocantha vines from behind his fence, as it was starting to block the fire lane. This wicked plant is also known as Firethorn and is popular for creating an impenetrable barrier for security purposes.  The tool I was given was a scythe.  Needless to say I was a bloody mess by the time I got my $10.00  I will never forgive that old bastard.


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Teen Jobs


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