Black Friday in the country


            Well today is Thanksgiving, and I have a lot to be thankful for.   The primary thing that I am thankful for today, is that I was able to get Patty a news paper.  She was kind enough to make me breakfast, its only fair that I get dressed and brave the 14 degree morning to find a store that is open, and has any papers left.  On the third stop I found that Safeway had two papers left.  What a deal, it is probably the best value for the pound that I ever bought for half a buck. 

            I am not a big fan of shopping when the stores tell me to.  I am however a big fan of odd advertisements.  Today is the day where all the stores that normally do not advertize pull out all the stops and place an ad in the paper.  Also since I live kind of on the border of city and country, so I just love to get ads from stores that customarily sell to rural folks.  These are the kind of things that really make living in the country worth while. 

These are actual advertisements I found in the news paper today.

            Now imagine, if you will, driving down a country lane on your way to great grandma’s house and you drive by a house displaying this decoration:

Hunting snow

Every deer in the state would be laughing his ass off.

Also can you imagine the look on the little ones faces when they open their presents to find these under the tree:


Who’s the pook kid that has to ride around on the pig stick?

ww clock

Then the disgruntled teenager opens his present.  Ooh just what I always wanted, a alarm clock that grunts like a pig. 

Oh Joy.

I love living on the edge of the country.



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