Jerky, Beer, evil%good

 I have a few small items to get off my chest before I go on an un-earned five day weekend.

            I updated my pages to include one on my Beef Jerky Recipe.  I have been working on this for a few months and think that I finally get it right. I have received rave reviews on the taste and no one has once complained about any “distress” after consuming the product.

            Last weekend I had some friends over for dinner and a few drinks.  I let my guests sample some home brew beer that my cousin Jim graciously allowed me to take home.  My guests are registered beer snobs and they had nothing but praise for Jims brew.  I wish I knew what he called it, of anyone I would think he would come up with a worthy label for such a finely crafted brew.  Jim, give me a call, we may have to work out a new business venture.

            I discovered this wonderful website called the Gematriculator.  You can use it to find out how good/evil your webpage is.  Here is a link to the site.  I know its all BS but I am confused by some of the results that I have witnessed.  Last month I found that my site was 54% good and 46% evil.  That sounded about right.  Then I went back and checked again this morning.  Here is what I got as a rating:

PF rating

What the heck did I do to increase my good score so much? 

Then I thought that I would check out some of my friends sites.  Here Kingsleya, who is already sized for a halo and has been known to hold fly funerals, gets the following rating:

KA rating

Then lastly I checked my friend Archvillain.  I figured if anyone can tip the scales it would be a person with the words dark, evil and archvillian right on the home page.

 AV rating

To say that I am disillusioned would be an understatement.  I had no idea that Kingsleya was hiding such a dark and sinister past.  And as for you (inappropriately named) Archvillian what good deeds have you been working on?




2 thoughts on “Jerky, Beer, evil%good

  1. Archvillain says:


    You obviously failed to notice the tagline for my blog:

    “A Dark and Sinister Force for Good”

    As for Kingsley’s blog, I imagine it’s the concentration of so-called “swear words” in his posts.

    Belay my last. I just looked at the Gematriculator site- they operate on numerology. To Hell with taking everything with a grain of salt- this site should be taken with OCEANS full of salt.

    Archvillain S.O.E. $ A.A.B.G.

  2. Layman Pong says:

    That bastard!

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