Odd shopping with Archie

             I have been working on my Christmas shopping.  You may ask yourself “Where would the flounder shop for Christmas presents?”  Well, naturally I shop at Think Geek, United Nuclear, and Archie McPhee!  I am totally delighted with the service and of all three of these fine companies. They are timely, accurate, and reasonable.  They package their items well and include a new catalog. However, Archie McPhee surpassed my expectations and enclosed free gifts along with my order. 

            How did they know that Capt. Danger wanted some free Double Monkey Banana flavored chewing gum? 

DM cg

Or that I always wanted to start collecting “Parasite Pals” erasers?


The folks at Archie McPhee must be mind readers!

            Both of these items are indeed bonus toys.  They are not even located on their website or catalog.  They must be collector’s items!

            After looking through their catalog I am starting to formulate my next order.  There are some friends of mine that I have not usually purchased any gifts for.  Just a card if I remember even that.  I think this year is the year that strange and wonderful gifts will be sent with a yuletide abandon.

But who gets what? 

Who wouldn’t want an Avenging Narwhal play set?  It comes with cute sea creatures to impale on the narwhales unicorn like horn.
Or the Cold War Unicorns play set?  Who wouldn’t want a Red, white and blue unicorn going against the red unicorn, in a battle for world domination?

I even think that there is someone on the flounders Christmas list that is going to get the “Cubes Corporate Zombies“!  They even glow in the dark!
But who will the lucky devils be? 


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