Well it’s Nov 5th or also known as Guy Fawkes Day.

Here is a little history on the subject.

I won’t elaborate but I do wish to put out some questions for my readers to ponder…

            Are we celebrating Guy Fawkes, for fighting religious persecution? Or, are we celebrating the government’s success at thwarting a terrorist plot, thus saving many lives?

I think people look into this kind of thing way too deeply. 

            I personally think that people in general like the idea of overthrowing authority, sticking it to the man as it were.  It’s the joy of telling Mrs. Grundy to fly a kite.  It’s telling the pointy haired boss to pound sand.

            Teen rebellion, baggy pants, tattoos, piercings, and rock n roll all have its roots in how we feel about Guy Fawkes and his supporters. 

            So I say today we should celebrate the anarchist in all of us. 

Rock on Guy.

You were a head of your time.



2 thoughts on “11/5/1605

  1. On a recent radio program being broadcast from St Peter’s in York they asked the following question to the politicians on the panel: At St Peter’s Guy Fawkes night celebration we don’t burn a Guy because we don’t believe in burning old-boys, so who would you put on the bonfire?

    Go on PF, who would you pick?

  2. The easy answer would be to try to name individuals, usually politicians or world leaders, whom I may disagree with. This could be a playful exercise with the goal of describing how strongly I feel about our political leadership, sports figures, media moguls, Hollywood stars, or just about anyone else. The next thing a person may expect would be to name the Bush administration or other politicians currently in power with the hopes of loudly proclaiming my hatred of the current administration.
    There are no individuals that I would like to see tossed onto the bonfire in honor of Guy Fawkes. It’s too easy to start a better dead list, when you don’t personally the people who populate it. I have no problem defending my self, but I am not interested in hunting animals that I do not intend to eat.
    The subject is larger than individual leaders or any single country, or government. I don’t believe there are currently any governments can, or should be trusted. The only form of government that can be trusted is one that lives in fear of its populace.
    I don’t want to get into a dissertation about what I see as a perfect form of government, nor do I want to list my grievances with the present administration. If I were to name someone that should be tossed on to the bonfire it would be anyone who believes that I should be forced to live for the benefit of another with out my consent. That is the essence of my belief in Guy Fawkes Day. It’s the same way I feel on our Fourth of July.

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