Wasting time

             Tomorrow morning is daylight savings time.  I personally do not believe in the value of moving clocks forward then backward every year.  As far as I am concerned it is no different that what my wife does with the alarm clock.

            She sets it thirty seven minutes fast.  Not thirty, or forty, but thirty seven.  So when the alarm goes off and I sleep through it and then wake up a half an hour later thinking I am late, I am really on time.  It fools me every time. My wife, however, is perfectly aware of this as she is a morning person.  I cant really get mad at her because if it weren’t for her advanced planning I would normally be late for work, or at least panic more than necessary.  I can’t help feeling like a fool when I rush to get ready for work only to find that I am still seven minutes early. 

            So when the government continues to make its citizens move their clocks around for no good reason I can’t help feel a little irritation.  It’s bad enough when my wife screws around with time, but it’s nearly intolerable when it’s forced upon me by a government that I already resent.  It’s akin to having an ex-wife mess with your clock for your own good.

            Spring forward is the worst; you loose an hour with out sufficient justification.  Now its fall I get that hour back and I still resent it, but not nearly as much.  Its like a tax return, I love getting money, but I resent that I am being given my own money back and shouldn’t have had to pay it in the first place.

            I have always wondered about the exact moment of change.  From what I understand at exactly 2am tomorrow morning the time will stop for one hour.  Or does it roll back to 1am at 2am?  Not exactly sure of the mechanics but it sounds like time travel.  So I think I am going to get up at 2am and see what happens.  I figure at the very least I can literally waste and hour of time.  Wake up, do some surfing, or watch a movie, then an hour later go to bed.  It never happened.  No guilt for wasting an hour.  Not that there would be anyway.

            Most people like to think that they are getting an extra hour of sleep.  Now that would be a waste of time.  Sleeping is like recharging batteries.  Over charge a battery and it just shortens its life.  Sleeping is one of those activities that cuts into time better spent. It’s like brushing your teeth or exercising.  Sleeping wastes time but it is necessary for a healthy life.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t resent it, like paying taxes or changing my clocks twice a year, for no good reason.



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