I can’t say I went to see Pink Floyd in concert but I did come close.

Aussiefloyd is an Australian Pink Floyd tribute band.  The music of Pink Floyd is absolutely wonderful and should be required listening for any music student.  However I have never been much of a fan of their lyrics.  I used to resent the hell out of the song “The Wall”; have you ever listened to the lyrics? 

“We don’t need no education

We don’t need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

Teachers leave them kids alone”

What? So they can get a Mohawk, Tattoo their face and live on the dole?

“If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding.
How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?” 

Have you seen British budding?  I would rather eat the meat.

There is something ironic about an Australian band performing British music. I can’t tell you why, it’s like listening to Oingo Boingo playing country music.  I especially liked the Aussie influence edited into the old music videos that were projected onto a giant screen behind the band.  Pink kangaroos were prevalent everywhere, even on the marching hammer heads were kangaroos.  The Pink kangaroo is the bands mascot; I have to assume that his name is Floyd.  Great kangaroo name by the way.


The light show was fabulous, the technology has really improved with the introduction of super bright LEDs and computer controlled spot lights.  I only caught windows error messages flashing on the video screen three times during the entire show.  I have seen this occur on air port monitors, computer screens, and even in Las Vegas, and it never fails to make me smile.  My friends noticed it as well and sparked a lively debate, Mac vs. PC, that raged all the way out of the parking garage.  (PC won by the way)

The audience was quite remarkable.  What kind of demographic does Aussiefloyd appeal too?  From my experience, a diverse but well behaved one.  This was the first concert that I have been to where drinking was allowed in your seat.  Two rules that are usually apparent in concerts were treated backwards from what I have experienced in the past.  One rule, (No Smoking) which is usually ignored was observed to the letter at this concert.  The other rule, (No photography) was so obviously ignored that there were times where the little LCD screens of cameras and cell phones were almost as bright as the stage lights.  No one was so obvious as to shoulder a large video camera, but it wouldn’t have surprised me.


Security was all but non existent. We were careful to make sure we left knives and such in the car before we went into the ticket area.  No metal detectors were in site.  We could have brought snacks, and drinks in our pockets and no one would have cared.  The only security presence I noticed was one lone guy in a folding chair sitting at the edge of the stage.  I could tell he was security because of his dress and due to the fact that he was facing away from the band and watched the audience, closely.  He never had a reason to even get out of his chair.  Amazing.

The most memorable part of the concert was the props.  There was a blow up pig about 30′ tall that came out of no where when they played “Money”.  Then a 30′ Pink dancing kangaroo came out later in the show. Lastly at the end, the largest disco ball I have ever seen was hoisted above the band.  Why?  I have no idea; I didn’t think that a person could say Disco and Pink Floyd with out some kind of demon showing up.

This experience made think of the future rock concerts.  As time goes by, and rock bands grow old, will the trend of tribute band be the norm?  I suppose it is natural and should be a complement for a band to be replaced by younger musicians playing tribute to a classic.  Will future generations pay to see tribute band play music from 50 cent, Pink or Brittney Spears?  What will be considered classic music from 2007?  These are defiantly rhetorical questions; I am of an age that new music means little to me.

All in all, the concert was a good experience.  I do not have any new found love for the band Pink Floyd, but I do have more respect for the complexity of their music.  A sure sign of becoming old is when you wish for the lyrics to be removed from music you once listened to on the FM band. 

On the way home we stopped at 7/11 and bought chocolate milk.  This was recommended by Eric not only for medicinal reasons, but as a tradition.  Apparently he has been doing post concert chocolate milk for years. Another sign of getting old, post fun health guilt. 

The chocolate milk worked.   I didn’t have the usual headache, stomach ache, hangover after a night of drinking and loud music.  It could also have been moderation and a good set of ear plugs.  Its hard to tell.


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