APF #1


            During a normal week, I usually try to come up with at least one or two interesting subjects to write about.  Normally, while in the process of trying to force a subject out of my brain I will happen upon an experience that proves easier to write about.  Most of the time this happen on a regular enough basis to give me one good subject a week.  This weekend, one single day was enough to give me at least three posts. 

            Boyz night out part 1

            Last night, I went out with my friends Eric, Lee, and Bo for a ‘boy’s night out on the town’.  The town being Denver, and the excuse was to see an Australian Pink Floyd Tribute band.  The whole thing started back a month ago when I got an unusual call from Eric…

 “- do you like Pink Floyd?”

“Yea, sure…  I guess… I mean I don’t have any albums but I don’t turn off the station if an old PF song is being played or anything….  Why?”

“- Never mind”
A few days go by and I get another call…

“- So what’s wrong with Pink Floyd?”

“-Nothing, why?”

“- Never mind”

This went on for longer than it should…

I am used to this kind of behavior from Eric so I played along for a while, not pressing the issue.

            What I didn’t know, was, that he was hoping that I would be a big fan of Pink Floyd.  Then curiosity would compel me to keep asking him about Pink Floyd… Then he would drop the bomb and ask me if I would like to see Pink Floyd in concert.  I would point out that they are broken up or dead or something.  Then he would counter with Aussiefloyd and explain how great they are.  Then I would beg him to let me come with him to the concert…  This is not how it happened.  I am far too dense to fall for a naritive hook. 

            I was completely oblivious to his plan; he just kept dropping hints until he was forced to be blatantly obvious about the whole thing.  After he explained that he bought tickets and wanted me to come, he said: “Come on, if you don’t love the group I will buy your ticket back”.  So now I have a money back guarantee, what a deal.  Then I found that the four of us will be spending the whole day doing man things before the concert.  I was sold.

            Much e-mail was exchanged to determine a loose agenda to determine what constituted “man stuff”.  It was starting to come together as an interesting agenda, and with Eric and company the whole day should turn out to be fun. 

            After the e-mail dust settled and over a dozen “reply to all’s” were exchanged I found that our agenda include shopping, eating, drinking, and finally the concert.  Shopping would include ‘manly’ stores, namely ones that sell guns, toys, alcohol, or cigars.  Eating would include a rat hole of a Mexican restraint where Bo knows the owner, and a brew pub in Denver where the ribs are (allegedly) to die for.  Each stop would include beer.  The Cigars are Eric’s idea of relaxing before the concert.  Then there was the chocolate milk, but I won’t get into that until much later.

            I could tell that the day would be an interesting and entertaining early.  After lunch at the Mexican restaurant we drove to a gun store that Eric knows on the other side of town. On the way I saw a young woman on a scooter pass us on the right.  What was interesting was that she was wearing a banana costume from head to toe. On the woman’s back, clinging for dear life, was a little monkey. “Well, you don’t see that everyday” 

            The first few Gun stores we went too were closed, boarded up, and out of business.  One had a sign on the door encouraging people to shop at local gun stores and help prevent more from going out of business.  The sign claimed that over ten gun stores went out of business in the last 24 months due to a combination of bad press, increasing regulation, and the popularity of giant box stores.  Sounds like a good topic for another article on gun control and the media, but that’s another day…  It was ironic that we had abandoned our search in favor of going to arguably the largest sporting store in Colorado, Bass Pro Shop

            While we were in the neighborhood of the closed gun store, we stopped at the world’s largest model railroad hobby store, Caboose Hobbies Inc.  It took more than an hour just to walk through the store.  Each of us feels that when we get old enough to become more house bound we will probably take up the hobby.  For some of us it will be a revisit to model railroading, for others a new adventure in spending vast amounts of money on tiny toys. 

            Caboose Hobbies has some wonderful displays of intricately detailed train layouts.  Each has little stories displayed in freeze frame.  In one layout there is a traffic accident involving a truck loaded with monkeys.  Then you notice that all around are little monkeys climbing around the town.  If you look closely into the window of a building you can see a painter painting a nude, there is even little a female subject. On the roof are three teenagers looking through a sky light.

            I used to have a passion for N class models, so I spend most of my time browsing that section.  While browsing for an N scale HPM, I came across this little item:

Road Kill

            Yes, it’s N scale road kill.  Most notably politically incorrect N scale road kill.  I couldn’t resist buying it, and look forward to some how incorporating each and every item into a train layout.  Maybe I will do a street scene theme like I saw with the monkeys in the train store.  I could do a scene from Dirty Jobs, CSI, or something.

            We left Denver and went to Bass Pro Shop to look at guns.  It was more impressive than I ever imagined a sporting good store could be.  Sure they had dead animals just like Sportsman’s Warehouse, but BPS had the whole animals not just their heads.  I also got to see a $99,000.00 shot gun.  Who would pay that kind of dough for a shot gun?  Oh well collectors are an interesting breed.  The store also had a water fall next to the elevator with a fish tank as large as my living room.  Yes it was stocked with bass.  We had a 24 oz beer at the bar in the fishing section.  Any sporting goods store that has a bar in the store has my stamp of approval.

Next the concert….

To be continuted.

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