Updates and Ideas

            First things first, I changed the photo at the top of the page to my Halloween flaming pumpkin picture.    Sometime around Halloween I will be posting the pictures of the Casa Flounder holiday display.  I am looking forward to carving the massive pumpkins we harvested from our back yard.  Here  is where I got the motivation for some extreme pumpkin fun…

            I was going to wine about how some of the people I have requested to interview never replied, but then thought better of it.  I guess I am wining a bit, but at least I didn’t name names. 

            I have a new project that I will be starting later this week.  The objective is to recognize the increasing the duties of Capt. Danger.  I have started the design phase of building the “Capt. Danger Stunt Rocket”. It will be the first rocket to have Capt. Danger not just ride but pilot and control all flight operations. My Mom was the one that motivated me to up the status of Capt. Danger.  He has had a number of successful flights since the “uprOar” incident and I agree with Mom that he is ready for a more participative role.  The rocket will be kind of a “Franken-rocket” as it will be constructed entirely from parts salvaged from crashed rockets.  I think I have convinced Capt. Danger that this method of construction would bring him good luck during testing. It will be designed to use small, no larger than H class, rocket motors.  This is primarily for Capt. Danger’s safety; I don’t want to burden him with too much too soon.  The capsule will be modular so he will be able to command larger rockets as his skill level increases.

            Speaking of Capt. Danger…  After a conversation with my cousin Jim, I think that Capt. Danger should have his own Blog.  I am not sure how this will work but all good sit-coms seem to generate spin offs; it’s free, so off we go.  Coming soon…  Any feedback is welcome as I have never run a blog for a stunt monkey before.  Anyone with prior experience please drop me a line.


One thought on “Updates and Ideas

  1. Layman Pong says:

    I lost the bloody email!

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